Soulmask: What To Feed A Jaguar?

Got yourself a Jaguar in Soulmask but not sure what food to feed it? Worry not here are some things that it should like!

Soulmask: What To Feed A Jaguar?

Similar to NPCs, animals too have food preferences, so you should know what to feed a jaguar in Soulmask. This is one of the fastest mounts that you can tame in this game. Due to their muscular frame, their speed and jumps are quite unmatched. But when you are looking to get one you should be careful as their attacks can easily catch you off guard. But assuming you already have tamed one, here is what you can use for its fodder:

What to Feed to Grow Jaguar in Soulmask?

Soulmask: What To Feed A Jaguar?

You should feed meat to a Jaguar in this game. Much like real life, here too they are carnivorous by nature. So some of the items that you can treat your pet with include:

  • Fish
  • Fresh Meat
  • Meat
  • Premium Fish
  • Rare Fresh Meat

Do remember that a baby Jaguar takes a while to grow so you will have to feed it for a while before it becomes ready to be used as a mount. You can put a panther saddle to it, its speed stats are fast when running normally or while swimming, but its dash speed is the fastest. Unlike Alpacas which have a carrying capacity of 350, Jaguar’s max weight limit is 250. In case, you don’t have one then the steps for catching it are quite easy.

How to Tame a Jaguar

The steps for catching a Jaguar are similar to that of a Panther.

You need the Habit Analysis skill for it, additionally, make sure you carry a few medium traps and some meat to lure the cub jaguar in.

  1. Go to the Rainforest region in the northwest and look for glowing blue paw tracks.
  2. Interact with them until a mother jaguar spawns.
  3. Follow it from a distance until it kills its target and takes it back to her cub.
  4. Now, set your Medium traps and wait for the cub to fall for it.
  5. Finally, you can go to the baby jaguar, interact with it, and take it to your base.

With that, you now know what to feed a jaguar in Soulmask and how to get one. If you need more help on other topics of this game be sure to also check our guides on how to catch fireflies, get tech points, and increase the camp comfort level.

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