Type Soul Controls List – How To Use Custom Keybinds

Looking to get into Type Soul but not sure how to play the game? This controls list has you covered with the basic movements, attacks, and more.

Type Soul Controls List – How To Use Custom Keybinds

If you are a fan of Bleach or just like to play Roblox games, then this is a game that you must try. Several new Type Soul players want a controls list, and some veteran players are even looking for ways to use custom keybinds. Whether you take on the path of a Soul Reaper, a Quincy, or a Hollow, this information can be helpful to you. As you progress, you will look into the best stat paths, the Shikai tier list, and more. But let us not digress and quickly check the controls out.

Type Soul All Controls And Keybinds

Type Soul Controls List – How To Use Custom Keybinds

By default, these are the keys you can use for this game:

  • Left Alt: Shift-lock
  • Ctrl + K: Use Monster transformations or Mask rip.
  • J: Use Shikai
  • Ctrl + J: Use Bankai or Monster transformation.
  • Q: Dash
  • Shift + Q: Use Flash Step
  • Z: Reaper or Partial Skill 1.
  • X: Reaper or Partial Skill 2.
  • C: Reaper or Partial Skill 3.
  • T & G: Use Res, Bankai, or Volt Movesets.
  • R: Use Critical attack
  • N: Open Inventory or Skill Tree.
  • M: Use Meditate
  • P: Use Purify Lost Soul
  • B: Use Grip or Eat as a Monster.
  • V: Use Carry
  • Comma: Enable or disable map markers inside of Soul Society.
  • Left mouse button (LMB): Use attacks.
  • Left Shift: Press and hold to run.

How to Use Custom Keybinds in Type Soul

There is no native option to use custom keys in this game. However, if you have a gaming mouse, typically you should have 2 side buttons and a dedicated software that you get with it. Use it to map any two keyboard keys of the skills that you would like to use. For example, you can map the Z, X, and C keys to the two side buttons and maybe to the DPI button of your mouse. This will give you an advantage over other players and let you use your skills easily.

That is all for the controls list for Type Soul and how to use custom keybinds. While here, you should also check out our guides for this game on how to wipe, get Hollow box, unlock Storm Segunda Etapa, and the best Cero path.

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