Type Soul: How To Change Weapon

This is all you have to do to change the weapon in Type Soul.

Type Soul: How To Change Weapon

As a Quincy and Shinigami, your weapon is your inseparable companion in Type Soul. Even for the Arrancar, having a decent one makes a lot of difference when facing the enemy of an opposing race. When you first select your race and spawn to your base location, apart from Hollow, all are bestowed with the weapon. However, it might not be the best, so when facing the opponent with a Greatsword or Katana, you will have a tough time dealing with them. Thus, you should follow these steps and change it.

How to Switch Weapon in Type Soul

Type Soul: How To Change Weapon

You use Weapon Reroll to change your current weapon in Type Soul. These rerolls can be obtained from the codes and through the Robux purchase. Codes that give Shikai/Res/Volt, Element, Weapon, and Vizard Mask rerolls are frequently added, so you wouldn’t have to worry about purchasing them. For example, at the time of writing, the “tamaiscool” code can be redeemed for 5 Locked Weapon Rerolls. Tap on the gift box in the upper right corner and use it to get reroll.

  • Once you have the reroll, tap N from your keyboard and press Next till you see the Items section.
  • You will see the ‘Locked Weapon Reroll‘ option in the Items. Select it, and you will see the Equip button.
  • Use Equip and select the slot to place it.
  • Once placed, press N to close the tab.
  • Now, select the slot with the reroll to hold it in your hands.
  • Consume to use it. Your character will die and respawn with the new weapon as soon as you apply it.
  • Repeat the steps till you find the one you were looking for.

That’s all on how to switch or change weapon in Type Soul. If this was useful to you, check out our dedicated section to find topics like the Arrnacar Weapons tier list and the Weapons tier list.

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