Type Soul: How To Get Hogyoku Fragments

Looking for an easy way to get Hogyoku Fragments in Type Soul? Our guide will help you understand how you can quickly farm this rare item.

Type Soul: How To Get Hogyoku Fragments

In this Bleach-inspired Roblox game, players will have to collect numerous resources as a part of quests or missions. However, you will have to learn how to get Hogyoku Fragments in Type Soul if you want to evolve your character. Although this rare item is hard to obtain due to its low drop rate, it is an integral material that is needed during the evolution process of two out of the three factions in the game.

Moreover, you will have to load up on Hogyoku Fragments if you want to get the Vizard race or Letz Stil. If you need help understanding how you can collect this item and use it to complete the evolution process in Type Soul, here’s everything you need to know to farm this elusive material.

How to Get Hogyoku Fragments in Type Soul

Type Soul: How To Get Hogyoku Fragments

One of the best and fastest ways to farm Hogyoku Fragments in Type Soul is by accessing the Boss Raid game mode. This mode has been recently added and is quite useful if you want to load up on this rare item.

To join this game mode, players will have to visit the NPC, Kisuke. To get to him you will have to make your way to Karakura Town and you can easily identify him, as he will be seated on a bench, in the middle of the town, and will be wearing a striped hat.

Once you interact with him, choose the dialogue option “I’m ready” in order to begin the Boss Raid game mode. After a short wait, you will travel to the Boss Raid Realm and will go up against any of the three main raid bosses – Almighty, Starkk, or the Head Captain of the Gotei 13.

Keep in mind that the bosses that spawn in this game mode won’t be as easy to defeat as any of the low-level enemies you usually encounter. As a result, make sure that you are well-prepared before you begin the fight.

Similarly, apart from True Hogyoku, Skill Boxes, and other items, you will also receive Hogyoku Fragments as a drop after defeating any of the bosses that spawn. Once you have collected all the Fragments you need, you can use them to complete the various evolution processes in Type Soul.

You can also get this rare resource through faction raids, however, the chances of obtaining it from these particular raids are comparatively low.

We have covered everything you need to learn in order to farm Hogyoku Fragments in Type Soul. If you are looking for more helpful guides, find out how you can equip and unequip skills and how you can change your hairstyle.

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