Type Soul: How To Get Letz (Quincy Letzt Stil)

Playing as a Quincy and are looking to power up in Type Soul? It is time you unlock Letz!

Type Soul: How To Get Letz (Quincy Letzt Stil)

The TYBW arc of Bleach focuses a lot on Quincies and their powers. One such power is Letzt Stil or the Letz Stile. For a Quincy, it is sort of a last resort that involves using the Sanrei glove. In the series, when you take the glove off it lets you collect a lot more Reishi than what you normally would be able to, but while it grants a lot of power within a short while. After using it the Quincy also loses their powers in the process. But let us not digress to what happened in the show, the process to get Letz in Type Soul is equally difficult, and here is what you have to do for it.

How to Get Letz Stil in Type Soul

Type Soul: How To Get Letz (Quincy Letzt Stil)

You need 10 Hogyoku Fragments to get Letz in Type Soul.

  1. Go to Wandenreich, and participate in the faction raids.
  2. Each time a raid ends you have a chance to get it as a drop. Do note that this is a very rare item, and doesn’t drop as frequently, so you will have to grind a lot for it.
  3. Aside, from that the only other option you are left with is to trade it with other players, friends, or possibly alternate accounts. Also remember that while you are trading you are open to attacks from other players. Always make sure you have someone guarding you or you are in a place where you can trade without having to worry about your items being stolen.
  4. After you have collected the needed Hogyoku Fragments, go back to the Wandenreich.
  5. Consume all 10 fragments.
  6. Eventually, your Quincy will unlock it!

That is all you need to do to get Letz Stil in Type Soul. While you are still here don’t forget to check our other guides for this game on how to eat Hollows, equip & use Flash step, change your hairstyle, and check EXP.

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