Type Soul: How To Get Mask Cracks For Vastolorde

Started your journey as a Hollow to terrorize Shinigami and Quincies? You should get cracks on your Mask and become a Vastolorde in Type Soul!

Type Soul: How To Get Mask Cracks For Vastolorde

You are already a strong Hollow if you know how to get Mask Cracks in Type Soul. When you become a Hollow, you are a fairly weak creature, as per the lore of Bleach. However, you don’t stay that way, and when you consider how Hollow progression goes, you first become a Menos.

From here, you proceed to get stronger by turning into Adjuchas and eventually becoming a Vastolorde. But while it sounds easy, in Type Soul, you need to get mask cracks for that to happen. If you aren’t sure how that would work, then this is what you have to do:

How to Get Mask Cracks in Type Soul

Type Soul: How To Get Mask Cracks For Vastolorde

You need to find and beat other Adjuchas to farm Mask Cracks. Depending on your luck, the Adjuchas may drop up to 5 masks upon defeat. The best place to hunt Adjuchas is in Hueco Mundo, although they occasionally spawn in Karakura town.

When looking for them, try looking for places like the swamp pool or corners of the map that spawn Bawabawa boss. These places have chances to spawn harder enemies like Adjuchas. Aside from that, a general trick you could use is getting to a higher ground and seeing if you can spot them.

Adjuchas typically have a beastly form, which can be quadrupedal or bipedal. Check your health before fighting them because other players can defeat you by getting mask cracks.

Pro tip: After you defeat Adjuchas in one area, if you can’t find others, you can always server-hop to start farming them on a new server!

If you are eager to become an Arrancar and can’t wait to become a Vasto Lorde, you can do so without reaching the next transformation. All you have to do is press Ctrl+K to rip your mask off. However, remember that this will make you a weaker Arrancar than those who took their mask off after completing the procedure of becoming a Vastolorde.

That is all for how you can get Mask Cracks in Type Soul. If you no longer feel like you are enjoying this role, then you can always stop being a Hollow. Also, if you are interested in this game then you might also find our other guides useful on how to equip & unequip skills, get Letz, get Hollow Essence, and more.

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