Type Soul True Hogyoku Guide

Get the True form of Vastocar, Vizard, or Letzt Stil with the True Hogyoku in Type Soul.

Type Soul True Hogyoku Guide

Roblox Type Soul is inspired by one of the most famous manga and anime series Bleach. Following that there are different races from those who hunt to those who purify and ones that are just filling the Hollow by devouring even their own kind. With such variety and a progress system that reaches absolute forms, the journey is lengthy but worthwhile.

Even if you have just started the game, you might have already heard about the Vizard, Vastocar, and Letzt Stil. While it might seem like they are the perfect and the strongest, unlocking them is not it. They have a True form which can only be unlocked by True Hogyoku, and this guide covers all the ways to get those.

How to Get True Hogyoku in Type Soul

Type Soul True Hogyoku Guide

True Hogyoku is a Mythical grade item that can be obtained as a drop and traded for. If you thought collecting the 10 Hogyoku Fragments was difficult, then you were absolutely right but there is something even more hellish than that – True Hogyoku drop rate is 0.05%. Even hours and hours of grinding would not be enough for it. However, if there is a chance it is better to keep trying, so use these methods and get it:

  • Raids: All types of raids from Faction to KT have a chance of dropping this item. The raid objective is dynamic, including capturing a flag to the arena battle between two players. While many will allow you to relax and rely on your teammates, something like Deathmatch and Art of the Soul is chaos, where you must do your best. Apart from the True Hogyoku, you can get rewards like Soul Tickets, Hollow Boxes, Skill Boxes, and Red and Blue Pills.
  • Ranked Matches: The more Elo you collect the higher the chance of getting Mythic and Legendary items like True Hogyoku and Hogyoku Fragments. If you can get the Gold Rank with 50K Elo in most of the matches, then you will obtain it within a few hours. Since it’s PVP, you cannot underestimate your opponent, before joining make sure you are equipped with the best and have the skills to turn the game when needed.
  • Clan Wars: If you are part of a Clan and they are willing to participate in the Clan Wars, you can host one via the Special option of your menu. The item will highly likely appear in the loot pool after the victory.
  • Trade: Trading is the fastest way of obtaining the item, but due to its rarity it would cost you lots of high-grade items. Still, if you want to get it, offer the four or fewer things the seller wants and make the exchange.

How to Use for True Vastocar, Vizard and Letzt Stil

If you are Vastocar, Vizard, or Letzt Stil, then once you have obtained the True Hogyoku, go to the Items section of your menu (Press N to get the menu). After that, all you have to do is Equip it in the slot and then consume it like other items. Once consumed, your character will die and revive as the True Vastocar, Vizard, or Letzt Stil. They will get different kinds of buffs including attack and defense.

That’s all on how to get and use True Hogyoku in Type Soul. For more topics like this, make sure to check the dedicated section right here at the Guideer.

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