V Rising Finally Makes Its Way To PlayStation 5 – Release Date

The popular Vampire survival RPG, V Rising finally makes its way to PlayStation 5. If you are interested in getting the game for this platform, here’s everything you will need.

V Rising Finally Makes Its Way To PlayStation 5 – Release Date

Having won over a huge PC audience, V Rising is finally ready to make its mark on PlayStation 5. The popular survival RPG had an exciting twist that garnered a lot of praise from players. Taking on the role of magic-wielding Vampires was a concept that wasn’t explored often giving the genre a unique turn. Now, PS5 players have a chance to explore the game and many are looking for the V Rising PlayStation 5 release date and time on the platform.

Although it’s a new audience altogether now, Swedish developer Stunlock Studios will be hoping they can recreate the magic that they did in May 2022. V Rising has sold more than three million copies and now has the chance for many more. Players interested in purchasing the game for PS5 can check out all there is on the release date so far.

When Will V Rising PlayStation 5 Release Take Place?

V Rising Finally Makes Its Way To PlayStation 5 – Release Date

The PlayStation State of Play for 2024 revealed a gameplay trailer indicating that the V Rising PlayStation 5 release will happen sometime in 2024. So far, V Rising does not have any controller support even on PC. However, this PS5 port is a fresh start for new things to come for the popular vampire game. The Twitter handle of V Rising confirmed that controller support can be expected with one of the major updates to come by.

Stunlock Studios is also focused on a full release of V Rising considering the game is still on Early Access. However, that is not expected to happen before mid 2024 which also seems the realistic date for a PS5 port release. Since you might be looking to purchase the full release of the game, rest assured that we will update the exact release date as soon as it is confirmed by the developers.

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