Valorant: Can You Copy Paste Chat? (Use Copypastas)

Looking to copy your chat messages in Valorant? Here is everything you should know about how it works.

Valorant: Can You Copy Paste Chat? (Use Copypastas)

No matter if it was a nice message or something toxic, there are times when you will want to copy paste chat in Valorant. The game has been around since 2020 and there are still several features that players want in the game like the replay system. However, the ability to copy and paste messages from chat is something rather simple. But when you try it out it doesn’t seem to work. So here is an easy workaround that you can try instead!

How to Copy and Paste Chat Messages from Valorant

Valorant: Can You Copy Paste Chat? (Use Copypastas)

At the time of writing this guide, Valorant doesn’t natively allow you to copy chat messages. The good news is you can paste your own messages in the chat. So the best way to copy someone else’s message regardless of whether it is a team member, or from the all chat from the enemy team, you should screenshot it.

  1. As odd as this method is you can easily take a screenshot by pressing the Print screen button on your keyboard.
  2. Now all that is left to do is crop the chat section and upload it to an image-to-text converter of your choice.
  3. Wait for it to process your image and the output should be the text you wanted.
  4. Depending on the converter you used there are chances of typos so you may need to manually check the text before you can use it. After you have the text ready you can copy and paste it into the game.

You can also find third-party apps that can let you copy it while you are in the game. However, using such apps is not recommended as the anti-cheat might consider it as you using cheats and you may put your account at risk of suspension or potential bans.

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How to Use Copypastas or ASCII in Valorant Chat

This is rather easy to achieve as Valorant still lets you paste your own messages to the chat. So all you need to do for this to work is have a copypasta ready and copied to your clipboard. For ASCII arts, you can search them online. Try pasting it in your party chat to see if it works. Now, you can use it by sending it to someone via a whisper or through team, part or all chats during your match.

That is all for being able to copy Valorant chat and how to paste ASCIIs. Since you like playing it be sure to also check our guides on how to fix the low client FPS error and best stretched resolution crosshair codes.

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