What Is The Party Duck Glitch Of Stardew Valley?

Turn on the music and join the Party Ducks as they show their glitchy move in Stardew Valley.

What Is The Party Duck Glitch Of Stardew Valley?

Party Duck is the most hilarious and cutest glitch of the Stardew Valley. While most glitches are annoying as they interfere and stop you from performing tasks, this is certainly not one of them. With so far no drawbacks, this has become one of the most wanted glitches by the players. So much so that some even want it to be made into an official mod or part of any future updates. Never heard about it before? Keep reading, as this is something you would not want to miss.

Players Want Party Ducks to Become Part of Stardew Valley

The Party Duck glitch first appeared around two years ago and became the talk among players after one Reddit user posted this edited clip of a duck that would never stop bobbing its head and flapping its wings:

While playing on the Switch, my wife and I noticed one of our ducks acting… oddly. I decided to document the phenomenon.
byu/Kemosaabi inStardewValley

At that time, it seemed like the glitch only affected one duck, but recently a new clip was posted by another Reddit user, where all ducks were dancing in the Coop. As soon as the player walked inside the Coop, they saw that the chickens were sleeping, but the ducks without the care of the world were partying hard. No chickens! I cannot replace your roommates, you should learn from them and try flapping those chicken wings. 

Our ducks glitched out…
byu/SgtFisherman inStardewValley

Everyone who saw these hilarious and cute clips made puns about it, saying things like it is a Duck Rave, there are bouncers outside the Coop, we should place lighting and house music, and this is why we shouldn’t put Kegs next to it. Among these, my personal favorite was the comment Long Live Party Duck!!! 

How Do I Get a Party Duck?

We are yet to confirm the reason for this glitch, so currently, there are no fixed ways to turn your ducks into Party Ducks. However, some players have claimed that they get this glitch when they play local co-op with different Switch versions, where one is using a digital and another is a software card, so you can try it to see if that works.

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