Where Does Soul King Spawn In Grand Piece Online (GPO)

Wondering where you can find Soul King in Grand Piece Online? This guide has covered all you will need to find this boss and defeat him for some exciting rewards.

Where Does Soul King Spawn In Grand Piece Online (GPO)

Grand Piece Online is based on the famous manga turned anime One Piece, and numerous characters in the game are inspired by the lore of the series. You might be looking for one of these characters: Brook, aka Soul King. While he is a boss in GPO, players will find it worth checking out his spawn and battling him. If you don’t know where to look for Soul King in Grand Piece Online, this guide covers everything you need.

Soul King will spawn in one of two forms, Soul King and Soul King Rockstar, and the only difference is the loot they drop. However, the chances of Soul King Rockstar spawning are about 10%, so it’s likely that you will encounter the former version. While there is a lot of helpful loot, players should try and get the Soul Cane.

Where to Find Soul King in Grand Piece Online

Where Does Soul King Spawn In Grand Piece Online (GPO)

If you are looking for Soul King in Grand Piece Online, head to the Impel Base or, more accurately, the ship behind Impel Base. This is where you will be able to fight the boss when he spawns. Players will get a pop-up message, “THE SOUL KING PERFORMS ONCE MORE, HE WILL DEPART IN 30 MINS…” as soon as he appears. Look for the spawn location denoted by a pale green circle pulsing outwards from his ship near the Impel Base when this message pops up.

There are a number of rewards that players can get once they defeat Soul King in GPO:

  • Soul King’s Outfit (1%)
  • Soul King’s Tophat (~5%)
  • Soul King’s Violin (~5%)
  • Soul Cane (1%)

Additionally, if you manage to encounter the Soul King Rockstar variant in GPO, there are a few other rewards that you will get:

  • Soul King’s Guitar (1%)
  • Soul King’s Shades(~5%)
  • Soul King’s Top Hat (Rockstar)(~5%)
  • Soul King’s Rockstar Outfit(1%)
  • Soul King’s Scarf(0.5%)
  • Soul Cane (1%)

While the drop rate is low, you can keep trying your luck by fighting the boss every time he spawns since he is relatively easier to beat than others in the game.

That’s all you will need to find Soul King in Grand Piece Online. If you found this guide helpful, do check out our other GPO Guides in our dedicated section while you are here at Guideer.

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