Who is Zeekerss? Lethal Company Developer

Who is Zeekerss? Lethal Company Developer

When you visit the store page of Lethal Company, you’ll notice that the developer and publisher of the game is Zeekerss which is a studio name you might have heard for the first time. Who is Zeekerss, the developer of this indie hit game, and did they develop Roblox games before this? There isn’t a lot of publicly available information about them personally, as they prefer to let their work speak for itself. However, here’s what we do know.

Table of Contents

  • Who is Zeekerss?
  • Is Zeekers a Roblox dev?
  • What games did Zeekerss make?
  • How much money did Zeekers make from Lethal Company?

Who is Zeekerss?

Zeekerss isn’t a ‘studio’ but the solo developer behind the indie horror game Lethal Company and at the time of its release in October 2023, Zeekerss was 21 years old.

This news can be surprising because the gameplay, mechanics, and features of the game do not look like it’s made by someone alone, especially since the updates are pretty regular and well done. The title is still in early access at the time of writing this article but already has 250K+ “Overwhelmingly Positive” reviews which is a tough feat, even for established devs and AAA publishers.

Who is Zeekerss? Lethal Company Developer

After creating experimental games on itch.io and Steam, Zeekerss garnered attention from content creators, securing an audience before Lethal Company’s release.

Though a solo developer, Zeekerss held small playtests within their audience months before releasing Lethal Company. The game’s early success garnered media attention, highlighting their talent and potential.

Unfortunately, information about Zeekerss’ specific background, inspirations, or future plans remains unknown. If you wish to follow updates, you can join their official Discord and follow them on Twitter and Youtube.

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Is Zeekers a Roblox dev?

Zeekerss has a YouTube channel named @ZeekerssRBLX (short for Roblox) that has 4.7K+ subscribers and their Twitter/X handle is ZeekerssRBLX as well. As shown by their profile, they have worked on multiple Roblox games with thousands of visits.

Who is Zeekerss? Lethal Company Developer

However, they have now made the move from Roblox to Unity game engine to make standalone games, Lethal Company being one of them.

What games did Zeekerss make?

Lethal Company isn’t their first foray into horror – their previous games have ventured into this territory too and received positive reviews on Steam.

As mentioned before, Zeekerss has made plenty of Roblox experiences, but in terms of Steam games, here are the games they’ve developed, with their release dates.

  • Dead Seater – 3 Apr 2021
  • It Steals – 23 Jul 2020
  • The Upturned – 24 Mar 2022
  • Lethal Company – 24 Oct 2023
  • Welcome to the Dark Place – To be announced

Who is Zeekerss? Lethal Company Developer

How much money did Zeekers make from Lethal Company?

Lethal Company’s all-time peak of players was 240,817 with 70,706 in-game right now. As per Playtracker, the estimated player count is approximately 5.5M, but VG Insights estimates that the game has sold about 9.4m units to date.

Considering the game’s price of $9.99, according to the Game Discover Newsletter, Lethal Company seems to have a projected gross revenue of $5.7 million. The exact numbers are not known, but even these estimated sales are a remarkable achievement for a solo dev like Zeekers.

While information about Zeekerss remains limited, their impact on the gaming industry is clear and has everyone sitting up and taking notice. As their career progresses, we can expect to see more exciting and innovative games from this promising developer.

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