Why Are The Villagers Not Breeding In Minecraft?

Our guide will help you understand the main reasons why your villagers are not breeding in Minecraft and how you can easily solve this problem.

Why Are The Villagers Not Breeding In Minecraft?

In Minecraft, apart from all the varied features you can take advantage of, the villagers are one of the best aspects of the game. However, obtaining them can be quite tricky, especially if your villagers are not breeding in Minecraft.

Table of Contents

  • Reasons why Your Villagers Aren’t Breeding in Minecraft
    • Insufficient Beds
    • Availability of Food
    • Breed during the Day
    • Adhere to the Cooldown Period
    • Building Protective Shelter
    • Population Limit

Moreover, the breeding process is an integral part of the game, as you won’t be able to increase the population of your village if the villagers are not reproducing. Here are all the factors you will need to reconsider and adjust if you want your villagers to begin the breeding process.

Reasons why Your Villagers Aren’t Breeding in Minecraft

Why Are The Villagers Not Breeding In Minecraft?

Insufficient Beds

One of the main reasons behind your villagers not being able to breed is related to the availability of beds. Additionally, beds are one of the primary items needed for the process, as a result, if you fail to provide sufficient beds, villagers simply won’t breed. Apart from this, we would recommend adding three beds for each pair, so that there is ample of space for them to breed.

Availability of Food

Although beds are an integral part of this process, you will also have to make sure that there is a good amount of food in the villager’s inventory before they begin breeding.

The villagers will enter the “willing mode” only once they have a minimum of 12 consumable food items in their inventory which will also increase their willingness to breed. The best food items to offer them are bread, potatoes, and carrots.

Breed during the Day

If they have enough bed space as well as food and they still aren’t breeding, it is because the time of the day is not right. The villagers follow a day-night cycle routine, due to this, they will refrain from breeding during the nighttime. It is important that you provide them with all the necessary items for breeding during the daytime itself.

Adhere to the Cooldown Period

Similar to the other games, Minecraft too, has a cooldown mechanic that will prevent the villagers from continuously breeding. Similarly, the cooldown period begins once a pair of villagers reproduce, which means, you will have to either wait for a while to commence the breeding process once again or use a different pair of villagers to breed.

Building Protective Shelter

Making sure your villagers are breeding in a sheltered or well-protected space will boost your chances of breeding. One way to do this is by building a breeding farm. Since the villagers will remain within close proximity and will also stay protected from any dangerous mobs, the likelihood of breeding will automatically increase.

Population Limit

In the Minecraft Bedrock Edition, villagers will not be able to breed once they have hit the population cap. As a result, no matter how much food you provide them with or the beds you set up for them, once you have reached the maximum amount of population in your village, they will stop breeding altogether.

This is everything you need to know if you are wondering why your villagers are not breeding in Minecraft. To learn more about this game, find out how you can join Aternos server and check out how you can edit Skins in Minecraft.

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