5 Ways to Help Your PS5 Controller’s Battery Last Longer

Maximize your playtime with these power saving tips.

5 Ways to Help Your PS5 Controller's Battery Last Longer

Key Takeaways

  • Turn off optional DualSense features like adaptive triggers, the built-in microphone, and reduce haptic vibrations to conserve battery life.
  • Connect external headsets directly to the console rather than using your DualSense controller to reduce battery consumption, and make sure you use the auto shut-off timer.
  • Consider replacing the battery by opening up the controller and switching out the old cell if you're up for the challenge, alternatively invest in an external battery pack or a nice long USB cable to play and charge comfortably.

Sony's DualSense controller is packed with features to make your PS5 experience more immersive. What Sony doesn't tell you is that these features can seriously impact the battery life of these controllers. Luckily, there are ways to extend the battery life of your controllers.

How Long Should the DualSense Battery Last?

The average battery life of the DualSense depends largely on the types of games you typically play and the model number. The newest DualSense model claims a 12-hour maximum battery life, but the original model can range from anywhere from six to eight hours, depending on settings and the types of games it is used for.

5 Ways to Help Your PS5 Controller's Battery Last Longer

Depending on the level of input required and how often certain titles utilize the controller's many functions, the DualSense can reportedly fail to last even half that long. Some games utilize certain features like haptic feedback and adaptive triggers more intensely than others, but many of these can be dialed back or turned off completely.

Turn Off Optional Features

If you are willing to sacrifice some of the DualSense's more high-tech functions, you can lessen the load on the controller's internal battery. To find these, go to the PS5's settings menu via the gear icon in the top right of the console's home screen.

5 Ways to Help Your PS5 Controller's Battery Last Longer

From there, navigate to Accessories > Controller (General) where you will find a list of settings for the controller's many features. Here, you can adjust the intensity of the vibration function, adaptive trigger effects, and indicator light brightness.

5 Ways to Help Your PS5 Controller's Battery Last Longer

Scrolling down to "Related Settings" will also let you adjust the volume of the built-in speaker. A lower volume will help reduce the amount of power required for the speaker, but turning it down completely may hinder the effectiveness of some in-game features.

Mute the Built-In Microphone and Use a Wireless Headset

Furthering the DualSense's "all in one" functionality, the controller also features a built-in microphone. The microphone is automatically turned on with the controller and can significantly drain the battery even when it isn't being actively used. You can mute the mic with the small white button between the analog sticks, but you can also prevent it from turning on in the first place.

5 Ways to Help Your PS5 Controller's Battery Last Longer

To mute the microphone automatically upon logging in to your PS5, navigate to the "Settings" screen via the gear icon in the top right. Then, go to Sound > Microphone > Microphone Status When Logged In and set it to "Mute."

5 Ways to Help Your PS5 Controller's Battery Last Longer

Keeping the microphone muted will automatically increase the intensity of the Dualsense's vibration function, so make sure to double-check these settings under "Controller (General)" > "Vibration Intensity" after adjusting this setting.

If you use an external headset for your gaming experience, connecting one directly to your controller can also drain the battery. To avoid this, try using a USB or wireless Bluetooth headset connected directly to your console instead of using the DualSense's built-in headphone jack. Check out some of our favorite gaming headsets.

Turn on the Controller's Auto Shut-Off Timer

Sometimes you might take a break when gaming or maybe you regularly use your PS5 for streaming media like movies or television shows. When your controller is not being actively used, you can prevent it from wasting its battery by turning on a timer that will shut it off automatically after a set amount of time.

To find the auto-shut-off timer, go to the PS5's "Settings" screen and navigate to System > Power Saving > Set Time Until Controllers Turn Off. Here, you can adjust the amount of time that goes by before the DualSense shuts itself off automatically. You can set it to shut off after 10, 30 or 60 minutes, or not at all.

5 Ways to Help Your PS5 Controller's Battery Last Longer

This way, you can rest knowing that the controller won't drain itself if you leave your console on while you're away or are not actively using the controller.

Avoid Letting the Battery Drain Completely

It can be tempting to get the most out of the controller by letting it run itself dry before plugging it in, but this can degrade the internal battery faster. To prevent this, make sure to connect it to a charger when the PS5 notifies you that the battery is low.

The PS5 will push a notification to your screen when the controller is close to dying, which is typically 10-15 minutes before it dies. Plugging it in or connecting it to a charging dock when this happens can help ensure the internal battery stays healthy since charging it from scratch can increase strain.

If All Else Fails, Replace the Battery

Sony's DualSense controllers aren't strictly designed to be user-serviceable, but that doesn't mean you can't do it anyway. While this is typically not recommended to those who aren't comfortable tinkering with a pricey controller, it is fairly simple to do.

Replacing the battery is somewhat of a process, but it is relatively easy with a little bit of technical know-how. DIY website iFixit has a guide to replacing the DualSense battery you can follow. This involves prying off the black trim and shoulder buttons so that you can take off the outer casing and access the internal components.

The process is relatively simple and only requires two things; a replacement battery and a narrow object such as a plastic pry tool or a guitar pick. For convenience, you can find kits on Amazon that include everything you need for just under $14.

You can also get clip-on rechargeable battery packs for your DualSense that can plug directly into your console. These typically range from $15-20, though they have to be charged separately from the controller. Fortunately, they usually come with a charging cord that can be as long as ten feet.

Don't Stress About DualSense Battery Too Much

While losing power in your controller can be annoying, it is important to remember that hardware is often not built to last forever. The internal battery naturally degrades over time regardless of how much it is used, but with these tips, you can at least prolong the process a bit more.

If you want a better battery without sacrificing any of its core features, you could consider looking into the Dualsense Edge model. Alternatively, a nice long USB-A to USB-C charging cable can help bridge the gap between your sofa and console so you can play and charge in comfort.

5 Ways to Help Your PS5 Controller's Battery Last Longer

To further maximize your gaming experience on the PS5, check out these tips to increase your console's performance or find some alternatives to the first-party controllers packed in with your console.

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