Adobe Acrobat’s AI Assistant Can Read PDFs, Word Files, and More

It was previously available in beta, but now it’s ready for everyone.

Adobe Acrobat’s AI Assistant Can Read PDFs, Word Files, and More

PDFs are probably the file format for digital documents, but for some people it can be easy to forget that it's a format originally developed by Adobe. Despite PDF being an open standard for almost two decades now, Adobe Acrobat remains one of the best ways to edit and manage PDFs. Now, because everything needs AI features, Acrobat is getting an AI assistant to help you navigate and edit your documents.

Adobe has just announced the general availability of the AI Assistant, which aims to enhance productivity by enabling conversational interactions with documents and offering features such as generative summaries, intelligent citations, easy navigation, and content consolidation. It was announced previously, but now, everyone can try it out. The feature is deeply integrated into Reader and Acrobat, and will be a great tool if you happen to benefit from AI use across other programs in your computer.

Adobe says that you can benefit from AI Assistant across various document types, including Word, PowerPoint, meeting transcripts, and more, so you're not just limited to PDF files at that. It will help you out a lot with things and tasks like summarizing meeting transcripts, surfacing key findings in research reports, creating study guides, and extracting information from contracts and agreements.

Acrobat's AI Assistant is now available on both the desktop and web versions of the software, with mobile and web extensions introduced later. The mobile version, once that rolls around, will include voice commands for hands-free interactions, allowing you to ask questions and summarize documents using your voice. Additionally, extensions for Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge will let you access AI Assistant directly from your browser, providing quick answers and overviews without leaving the web search interface.

Adobe offers a range of subscription plans for accessing AI Assistant capabilities, with early access pricing available until June 5, 2024. The service is currently available in English, with plans to expand to other languages in the future. At the moment, the AI Assistant costs $4.99 a month, but this is "early access" pricing—we don't know how much will it cost down the road, or if this price will stick after June 5th.

Source: Adobe

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