All The Google Pixel Phones That Will Get Android 15

Android 15 is in the developer and beta phase, and here’s which Pixels will get the update.

All The Google Pixel Phones That Will Get Android 15

Key Takeaways

  • The Android 15 update brings performance, privacy, security improvements, and more.
  • Pixel phones from 2021 onwards will get Android 15, while older models like Pixel 4 and 5 won't receive the update.
  • Expect the Android 15 beta in April, with the official release anticipated for mid-August.

The Android 15 update is coming soon and will surely be full of exciting new features. If you're interested in trying the beta or wondering if your phone is supported, here's which Pixel phones and tablets will officially get Android 15 and which won't.

After the initial announcement in February, Google released the second developer preview on March 21st, and we'll get several more updates between now and its global release. After Google upgrades many of its Pixel devices, the next version of Android will eventually roll out to a wide array of phones and tablets from multiple manufacturers like Samsung, OnePlus, Nothing, Motorola, and more.

As expected, this update will refine the software experience we all know and love. Look for improvements to performance, privacy, security, and new satellite connectivity support. We'll learn about more changes in the coming weeks or at Google I/O 2024 in May.

Which Pixel Devices Will Get Android 15?

All The Google Pixel Phones That Will Get Android 15

A big topic in the world of Android is software updates and how long each phone will get them. During the launch of the Pixel 8, Google announced it would offer an industry-leading seven years of software support for the phone. Unfortunately, those with an older Pixel won't get the same treatment. Eventually, older Pixel models will stop getting new versions of Android.

Besides the Pixel 8 (and the upcoming Pixel 9 series), older Google smartphones are only guaranteed three years of support. As a result, the arrival of Android 15 means a few older Pixel phones will not be upgraded.

You'll get Android 15 if you have a Pixel from 2021 or newer. That includes the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, Pixel 6a, Pixel 7, Pixel 7 Pro, Pixel 7a, the Pixel 8 series, along with the Pixel Fold and Pixel Tablet. Additionally, by the end of the year, we'll likely have the Pixel 9 and Pixel Fold 2, which will be added to the list.

Unfortunately, that means owners of the Pixel 4 and Pixel 5 series will not be receiving the update to Android 15 later this year.

Android 15 Release Date and Beta

All The Google Pixel Phones That Will Get Android 15

It's a new year, which means another Android version following months of development and beta testing. After the second Android 15 developer preview in March, Google will move to public beta testing in April and release four updates before it's finally ready to roll out to all eligible devices.

The first Android 15 beta will likely arrive within the first two weeks of April. And while we could see a quick bug-fixing update or two along the way, expect another major 2nd beta in May, with more stable releases in June and July.

All The Google Pixel Phones That Will Get Android 15

So, when will Android 15 be officially released to the public? If this launch resembles prior releases and follows the timeline above, look for Android 15 over-the-air software updates in mid-August 2024.

Some Older Pixels Will Still Get Maintenance Updates

All The Google Pixel Phones That Will Get Android 15

Receiving the latest software update each year is not only exciting, it's also important. It ensures smooth performance, hopefully, the latest features, and increased security. Just because the older Pixel 5 has reached the end-of-life phase doesn't mean it'll never get another update.

While it won't get major Android OS updates like Android 15, you may still get minor maintenance updates, Google Play System updates, Pixel drops, and other things to keep it secure. Eventually, though, it'll no longer receive any support, and once it's too old to receive updates, you'll need to start thinking about a replacement.

Google isn't the only one that supports devices for a select number of years. Every manufacturer has this problem, which is why Samsung recently matched Google's seven-year promise, starting with the Galaxy S24. However, some of its older phones will experience a similar situation and will not get Android 15.

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