Apple Wants to «Let Loose» at Its May 7th iPad Launch Event

We expect to see an ultra-thin iPad Pro, a new Apple Pencil, and more.

Apple Wants to "Let Loose" at Its May 7th iPad Launch Event

For the first time in a long time, Apple is preparing to host an iPad-focused launch event. "Let Loose" begins May 7th at 10 AM ET (7 AM PT) and will be livestreamed on YouTube,, and the Apple TV app.

Apple often uses event names or iconography to hint at new products. While the name "Let Loose" isn't all that descriptive, Apple's logo for this event contains an Apple Pencil—it's safe to assume that iPads are the focus. (Though, for some reason, Apple's website is using six different logos for this event. You can see the logos below.)

In any case, we're totally knee-deep in iPad rumors. Apple is expected to launch the next generation of iPad Pro, which may use OLED display panels and the latest M3 processor. Interestingly, 9to5Mac reports that the new iPad Pro will be just 5mm thick, which is about the same thickness as four coins stacked on top of each other.

Apple Wants to "Let Loose" at Its May 7th iPad Launch Event

A next-gen Apple Pencil with a "squeeze" gesture and visionOS compatibility could make its debut at this event. And, oddly, Apple might launch an aluminum-bound Magic Keyboard for the iPad Pro. Previous versions of the iPad Magic Keyboard were made of a polyurethane material.

We may also get a new iPad Air with a unique 12.9-inch form factor and a mini-LED display. This rumor was shared by Ross Young about a week ago and hasn't been backed by other Apple analysts, though.

The "Let Loose" event has no in-person element, meaning that it's probably a series of pre-recorded videos, rather than a live spectacle. This has become common practice for Apple in recent years.

Note that these new iPads and accessories have been anticipated for some time. However, a hardware event was not expected. Analysts like Mark Gurman claimed that Apple would "announce the new products on its website with a series of online videos and marketing campaigns," as it did with the recent M3 MacBook Air. I don't know why analysis came to this conclusion, as the rumored iPad models (if real) are the first new iPads since 2022.

Apple will livestream its "Let Loose" event on May 7th at 10 AM ET (7 AM PT). Next month, the company will host its annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), which is shrouded in rumors of AI.

Source: Apple

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