Chipolo Debuts a Pair of AirTag-Like Trackers for Android

Google’s Find My Device network is now in full swing.

Chipolo Debuts a Pair of AirTag-Like Trackers for Android

Now that Android's Find My Device network is off the ground, Chipolo is launching a pair of AirTag-like tracking devices that are specially designed for wallets and bags. The Chipolo ONE Point and CARD Point arrive May 17th, just in time for summer vacation.

Find My Device is the Android equivalent of Apple's Find My network. Every phone running Android 9 or later will use low-power Bluetooth connectivity to detect and anonymously report the location of nearby Find My Device-enabled products, such as earbuds, trackers, smartwatches, and other smartphones.

Chipolo's new trackers can be attached or tucked into any item, such as a bag, key ring, or wallet. If you lose that item, nearby Android phones will detect the Chipolo tracker and report its location to the Find MY Network. If necessary, the trackers can be shared with family or friends.

The trackers also feature built-in loudspeakers that can play a loud "beep" sound (in case your keys fall in the couch), and they're protected from rain with an IPX5 water-resistance rating. Plus, Chipolo promises a 1-year battery life for the ONE Point and a 2-year battery for the CARD Point. However, the CARD Point lacks a replaceable battery.


As for why this matters—well, the Find My Device network is massive. It's comprised of nearly every Android phone. If you lose a Chipolo tracker, there's a good chance that an Android device will be nearby to report its location. You don't need to wait for another Chipolo user to wander nearby.

If you're getting a sense of déjà vu, that's because the Chipolo ONE Point and CARD Point were first announced in July 2023. Both trackers were supposed to launch alongside Google's Find My Device network, but Find My Device experienced a year-long delay. Chipolo jumped the gun, so it had to wait.

Of course, these two trackers have been available to iPhone users for some time. We reviewed the iOS version of CARD Point, called the CARD Spot, back in 2022. It earned one of our Editor's Choice awards for that year.

We expect other tracking brands to jump on the Android Find My Device bandwagon in the future. Wireless earbuds and smartwatches will also offer Find My Device functionality. Note that Find My Device isn't broadly available at the time of writing, though it should be open by the time Chipolo begins shipping its trackers.

You can pre-order the ONE Point and CARD Point trackers today at the Chipolo website. They cost $28 and $35, respectively, though you'll save up to 30% if you purchase a bundle or multipack. Orders begin shipping May 17th. Unfortunately, retailers like Amazon won't carry Chipolo's new trackers until July 2024.

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