DuckDuckGo Now Has a Privacy Subscription

Three privacy-focused service in one duck-branded package.

DuckDuckGo Now Has a Privacy Subscription

DuckDuckGo started out as a more private alternative to search engines like Google and Bing, but the company has slowly expanded to browser extensions, web browsers, and other tools. DuckDuckGo is now going one step further with a new "privacy subscription" that aims to keep you protected across the internet.

DuckDuckGo has just announced a new subscription service called "Privacy Pro." It's not one single service, but rather three new privacy protections that the company is lumping into one single convenient package. You get access to an anonymous VPN for secure connections on up to five devices simultaneously, Personal Information Removal to combat identity theft by removing personal details from data broker sites, and Identity Theft Restoration services to assist in recovering from identity theft incidents. With all three, you can stay anonymous while online and also work against any potential damage that might actually happen.

Privacy Pro's VPN ensures secure internet connections without logging user activity. It encrypts connections across devices and hides users' locations and IP addresses from websites and ISPs. The service, built on the WireGuard protocol, automatically reconnects if the connection is interrupted. DuckDuckGo also claims to not collect any logs, saying on its website, "we don’t have any record of website visits, DNS requests, IP addresses connected, or session lengths."

Personal Information Removal scans and removes personal data from people search sites, reducing the risk of identity theft. Unlike other services, it only initiates removal requests after confirming the presence of user data in broker databases and stores user information locally for privacy. Finally, Identity Theft Restoration offers support in the event of identity theft incidents. Services include credit repair, document replacement, travel assistance, and reimbursement for certain expenses associated with restoration.

How much does this bundle cost, then, you might ask? These three things are available for you for a mere $9.99/month or $99.99/year. While currently limited to United States residents, expansion to other regions is planned for the future. That's not cheap, and there's a lot of competition. There are countless options for VPN services, and there are a few personal data removal services, including the Mozilla Monitor Plus subscription that launched back in February.

You can check out DuckDuckGo's website for more information.

Source: DuckDuckGo

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