Govee Gets Classy with the Floor Lamp 2 and Floor Lamp Pro

Two sophisticated and relatively affordable smart lamps.

Govee Gets Classy with the Floor Lamp 2 and Floor Lamp Pro

Searching for a sophisticated smart lamp? Govee just revealed the Floor Lamp 2 and Floor Lamp Pro, a pair of Matter-enabled smart lamps that look smart and cost relatively little money.

The Govee Floor Lamp 2 is a revised version of the three-year-old Lyra Floor Lamp. It features an improved design, a brighter lighting element with increased lighting coverage, plus customizable color and brightness settings.

Naturally, the Floor Lamp Pro takes things a step further. It uses a more advanced LED arrangement to provide even, consistent, and bright lighting up to 2100 lumens. It can also rotate up to 300 degrees and has an integrated Bluetooth speaker with built-in ambient sound effects.

Both lamps provide a wide selection of preset lighting effects that may be accessed from the included remote control, the Govee app, or your smart assistant. They're Matter-enabled, and they have an additional lamp built into their base for an extra touch of style.


I tested the original Govee Lyra Floor Lamp back in 2021. It offered the same basic functionality that we see in these second-gen and Pro models, and I felt that it was a compelling product. I'm glad to see that these new models are Matter-enabled, brighter, and so on, but the biggest improvement (at least to me) is the updated design.

While the Lyra Floor Lamp had a plasticky gray exterior, these new models are sleek, black, and accented by an additional lamp at their base. If I were in need of this style of lamp, I'd pick the Floor Lamp Pro purely for its design, although the extra features are appreciated, too.

I should reiterate that these lamps come with a remote control that can adjust lighting color, brightness, and effects. You don't need to use apps or voice assistants if you don't want to. However, lighting customization must be done in the app.

The Govee Floor Lamp 2 is available today for $150. You'll have to wait until April 22nd for the Govee Floor Lamp Pro, which costs $220. Note that the original Govee Lyra Floor Lamp is currently at a deep discount on Amazon—I dogged the old model's design a bit, but again, it's a good smart lamp.

Source: Govee

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