Kodi 21.0 «Omega» Arrives with LG Smart TV Support

Your favorite media solution just got better.

Kodi 21.0 "Omega" Arrives with LG Smart TV Support

Digital media enthusiasts can now install Kodi 21.0 "Omega." This release isn't as substantial as last year's "Nexus" update, though it adds FFmpeg 6.0 and a handful of other useful improvements.

The headlining feature here is FFmpeg 6.0, which offers new codec support and runs every muxer in separate threads. For some users, this should improve video transcoding and reduce throttling.

Still, even without FFmpeg 6.0, Kodi 21.0's got plenty to offer. It adds support for LG's webOS smart TV platform, it fixes the awkward windowing problem on macOS, and it provides DolbyVision corrections for Android users. Xbox users can now stream HDR10 content, and Windows users can tap into the "Video Super Resolution" system offered by some RTX GPUs.

Linux users get some love, too, as Kodi 21.0 improves on both PipeWire and VAAPI VP9 Profile 2 support. Interestingly, Kodi 21.0 also replaces the Linux ping utility with a custom ping system.

Users may also notice improved navigation when playing music or digging through list-style menus (such as the Settings menu). Plus, Kodi's default theme has received a minor facelift, and the Retroplayer system can now show players which ports their controllers are plugged into during games—yes, Kodi can play games.

Other changes in Kodi 21.0 are under the hood. The average user won't notice any bug fixes, UPnP tweaks, or API changes, though these "invisible" improvements should boost the stability and speed of Kodi, especially on platforms like Fire TV.

For a full list of changes and improvements in Kodi 21.0, check the Kodi GitHub. Development for Kodi 22.0 is currently underway, though the development team has yet to choose a codename. In any case, the codename for Kodi 22.0 will begin with a "P," and several users have submitted their favorite codename ideas.

You can install Kodi 21.0 Omega from the Kodi downloads page or your repository of choice. Note that this update may take a few days to reach the Google Play store—if you're an Android user with a hankering for Kodi 21.0, you need to sideload the update, join the Google Play test channel, or wait a few days.

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