OnePlus Phones Are Gaining AI Features, Too

Starting with a nifty eraser.

OnePlus Phones Are Gaining AI Features, Too

Artificial intelligence is the hottest thing right now, and if it isn't on your smartphone yet, it'll be there soon. Samsung launched the Galaxy S24 series of smartphones with a suite of AI improvements, and Apple is expected to make a bunch of AI-related announcements at its upcoming WWDC event. Now, OnePlus is joining the party with an AI smartphone feature of its own.

OnePlus has announced that it will begin rolling out a number of AI features to its smartphones under the umbrella of OnePlus AI. While we don't know a lot about how the full set of features will look, the company is letting us know that all AI functionality is built and based on "genuine user needs."

We expect to see several new OnePlus AI features over the next few months, but right now, OnePlus is kicking things off with an "AI Eraser." The concept is pretty simple—select something that you want to remove from an image, and the AI will fill in the space to make it seem like nothing was ever there.

This is one of the more common AI features we've seen over the past years. Google has its "Magic Eraser," Samsung devices boast an "Object Eraser." Some implementations of the AI photo eraser actually predate the generative AI craze. Still, it's a nifty tool. OnePlus says that this feature, and all future OnePlus AI features, are powered by a "proprietary large language model" made by the company, although it remains to see whether this is actually true or if OnePlus is piggybacking off OpenAI's LLMs. We'll have to see how well it fares in real life, but it should be pretty okay—after all, it's a basic feature that many photo editing apps already offer.

OnePlus says that AI Eraser will roll out to a range of smartphones, including the OnePlus 12, OnePlus 12R, OnePlus 11, OnePlus Open, and OnePlus Nord CE 4. Again, this will be the first of several OnePlus AI features, and OnePlus might build out an AI feature ecosystem similar to Samsung's Galaxy AI suite. The only question is whether OnePlus will charge money for upcoming AI smartphone features—an idea that Samsung has already hinted at.

Source: OnePlus

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