Samsung Care+ Gives Your Galaxy Phone Unlimited Battery Repairs

Fight battery degradation.

Samsung Care+ Gives Your Galaxy Phone Unlimited Battery Repairs

The battery is usually the first component to wear down on smartphones, and as new phones keep getting released, battery repairs are still usually eexpensive. Insurance plans like AppleCare+ and Samsung's own Samsung Care+ can make that more affordable in the long term, and now Samsung's service is adding unlimited battery repairs, in exchange for a slight price bump.

Samsung is increasing the prices of its Care Plus device protection plans by $2, effective May 1st, 2024. However, to compensate for the price hike, Samsung is introducing unlimited battery repair for eligible devices under these plans. The unlimited battery repair option will be available for devices with a charging capacity below 79 percent and no additional damage. The exact details regarding eligible devices and whether the battery repair will be entirely free remain unclear as Samsung has not provided further information on the matter. However, when this does roll out, we expect to see a lot more details about it.

Comparatively, AppleCare+ and Asurion offer similar benefits. AppleCare+ covers battery repairs for batteries with less than 80 percent capacity, while Asurion provides plans with unlimited battery replacement. Google's Preferred Care program does not explicitly outline its battery repair policy but includes coverage for mechanical or electrical breakdowns and accidental damage.

The cost of Samsung Care Plus plans will now range from $5 to $13 per month, depending on the tier, while Samsung Care Plus Theft and Loss plans will cost $10 monthly. Both plans include free repairs for mechanical breakdowns, discounted screen replacements, and fixes for accidental damage. The key distinction lies in the addition of replacements for lost or stolen devices, exclusively available with the Samsung Care Plus Theft and Loss Plan.

The fact that you get unlimited battery repairs is pretty cool considering how batteries can get degraded more quickly by things such as fast charging, since charging phones rapidly will cause additional wear and tear to your battery. We await more details as Samsung rolls out its revamped program.

Source: The Verge

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