Spotify Tests AI Playlists for When Discover Isn’t Enough

Spotify turns to AI for building better playlists.

Spotify Tests AI Playlists for When Discover Isn’t Enough

Like every other company, Spotify is exploring artificial intelligence to improve its product. The latest Spotify beta feature leverages AI to turn any text prompt into a personalized playlist.

While most users turn to Discover to help find new music, up-and-coming artists, or music that fits their preferred style, Spotify wants to kick things up a notch. After experimenting with an AI DJ feature last year, a new "AI Playlist" is slowly rolling out to Premium subscribers in select regions.

The new Spotify AI Playlist is currently available in the UK and Australia. It transforms a quick line of text into a playlist full of new music. Users on Android or iOS can access the AI Playlist feature by opening "My Library," tapping on the "+" button, and selecting "AI Playlists". Spotify suggests that if you're looking for "an indie folk playlist to give my brain a big warm hug" or "a playlist that makes you feel like the main character," try AI Playlists and see what happens.

Spotify Tests AI Playlists for When Discover Isn’t Enough

According to Spotify, this new AI tool is pretty smart and will accept prompts about animals, places, feelings, movie characters, activities, and much more. Once you issue a prompt, it'll deliver a specially curated playlist of up to 30 songs to match the vibe or energy you've requested.

More importantly, Spotify claims you can fine-tune the results by deleting songs or adding additional prompts to get the perfect playlist. Once you're satisfied, hit "create," and you'll be all set to start streaming. In closing, Spotify mentioned that while AI playlists are "designed to be fun, the tool is still in beta and won't produce results for non-music-related prompts, like current events or specific brands. We also have measures in place around prompts that are offensive—so please prompt responsibly!"

It's been a busy year for Spotify, with new video learning courses, audiobook membership, a new mini player for desktops, and even adding music videos to the platform. Combine all of that with AI integration, and it makes sense that we're hearing another price hike is coming this year.

If you're in one of the locations mentioned above, feel free to try the new AI feature today. Otherwise, we'll have to wait and see how long it takes to expand to more regions.

Source: Spotify

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