The Best Amazon Big Spring Sale Deals of March 23

Haven’t taken advantage of some of Amazon’s Big Spring Sale deals yet? Today is the perfect chance.

The Best Amazon Big Spring Sale Deals of March 23

It may be the weekend but the Amazon Big Spring Sale continues, and we have deals on eReaders, the Meta Quest 2, and more.

What is Amazon's Big Spring Sale?

The Best Amazon Big Spring Sale Deals of March 23

The Amazon Big Spring Sale is one of the company's sales events, which is similar to Amazon Prime Day. Running from March 20 to 25 this year, you can take advantage of deep discounts on anything from tech items to toothbrushes to clothing. The Big Spring Sale event also isn't running parallel to events like Black Friday or Cyber Monday, either, so it's a blessing if you're trying to research the best price for the stuff you want—more likely than not, Amazon will have the lowest price this week.

Like Prime Day, some sales are Amazon Prime membership exclusive, or Prime members get early access to deals before the rest of the shoppers do. If you don't have Prime, you can score a cheaper subscription with some of our helpful tips so you can get the most out of this sale!

Each day, we'll highlight three deals we think are great from the sale, and we'll have even more great items to pick up at the bottom. Check back each day to see what some of the best Amazon sales are!

Step Into VR With the Meta Quest 2 ($199, $50.99 Off)

The Meta Quest 3 may be out (and we really like it!), but the Meta Quest 2 is still a fantastic VR headset and an easy recommendation if you want to dip your toes into the VR world. Currently, the headset is on sale for just $199.99 for the 128GB model, making the cost of entry for VR even lower. If you were ever considering getting a Quest 2, now is your best chance to get it on sale for a few months.

The Best Amazon Big Spring Sale Deals of March 23

Meta Quest 2

$199 $249.99 Save $50.99

Even with the release of the Meta Quest 3, the Meta Quest 2 is a worthwhile VR headset purchase.

$199 at Amazon

Pick Up Spigen's Universal Charger Cable and Stop Looking for the Right Adapter ($12.99, $12 Off)

Almost every device I have charges via USB-C. But that isn't every device—I have one that charges with a Lightning adapter, and a few with a Micro-USB. Having USB-C be the almost, but not-quite-there-yet universal charging standard is nice, but it's immensely frustrating to looking for the cables for those few devices that are not USB-C compatible.

If you also feel that frustration, you'll definitely want to pick up the Spigen DuraSync 3 in 1 Universal Charger Cable. The Rose Gold color is down to just $12.99, so you save $12, and you'll get one cable with the three most common adapters right on it. You can't beat that! There is also a black colorway, but you'll need to pay an extra $3 for the difference.

The Best Amazon Big Spring Sale Deals of March 23

Spigen DuraSync 3 in 1 Universal Charger Cable

$12.99 $24.99 Save $12

Spigen's DuraSync offers plenty of versatility if you need an all-in-one USB-C cable.

$12.99 at Amazon

Read Up: Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition for $159.99 ($30 Off)

If you're trying to read more, a good eReader is the way to go. Our pick for the best eReader, the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition, is down to $159.99, $30 off the full price. For your money, you'll get a waterproof, backlit eReader that can store a large amount of ebooks—but be forewarned that getting EPUB files working on Kindle can be a bit difficult. If that's a dealbreaker, you can pick up the Kobo Libra 2 for $169.99, $20 off the full price.

The Best Amazon Big Spring Sale Deals of March 23

Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition

$159.99 $189.99 Save $30

Pick up the Paperwhite Signature Edition and enjoy distraction-free reading.

$159.99 at Amazon

More Amazon Big Spring Sale Deals

The Best Amazon Big Spring Sale Deals of March 23

Of course, an Amazon sales event will have thousands of items on sale, so there are plenty more than just three awesome deals. Below, you can check out some more great deals—make sure to grab any you may want before they're gone!

  • Amazon Fire TV 55-inch Omni QLED Series 4K Smart TV for $419.99 ($180 off)
  • Sony WH-1000XM4 Wireless Overhead Headphones for $248 ($100 off)
  • JBL Clip 4 Bluetooth Speaker for $59.95 ($20 off)
  • Logitech Blue Yeti Nano for $79.99 ($20 off)
  • Logitech MX Keys Mini for $79.99 ($20 off)
  • Samsung 49-Inch Odyssey G9 Series Curved Monitor (2024) for $799.99 ($500 off; clip coupon on page)
  • Anker 735 Wall Charger for $31.99 ($28 off)
  • Google Pixel Watch for $199.99 ($150 off)
  • Lexar 128GB JumpDrive P30 Flash Drive for $26.49 ($13.50 off)
  • Govee Triangle Light Panels for $119.99 ($50 off; clip coupon on page)
  • Govee Glide Hexa Light Panels (10-Pack) for $119.99 ($60 off)
  • Govee Neon RGBIC Rope Lights for $54.99 ($15 off; clip coupon on page)
  • Govee RGBIC Floor Lamp for $79.99 ($20 off; clip coupon on page)
  • Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance Smart Light Starter Kit for $89.99 ($40 off)
  • Amazon Echo Dot (5th Gen, 2022 release) for $34.99 ($15 off)
  • Kasa Smart Plug Power Strip for $44.99 ($35 off)
  • TP-Link Tapo Smart Plug Mini 15A (4-Pack) for $19.99 ($15 off)
  • Rachio 3rd Gen: 8-Zone Smart Sprinkler Controller for $135 ($64.99 off)
  • Pure Enrichment Travel Air Purifier for $37.99 ($12 off; clip coupon on page)
  • Fanttik X8 Portable Tire Inflator for $49.97 ($30 off; clip coupon on page)
  • Eufy Security SmartDrop Delivery Drop Box for $159.99 ($240 off)

Doing your own research? Make sure to watch out for fake deals!

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