Top Tech Deals: LG Flex TV, Google Pixel 7, DJI Mini 3, and More

Get a discounted DJI drone, save on the Pixel 7, or score some PC and phone accessories.

Top Tech Deals: LG Flex TV, Google Pixel 7, DJI Mini 3, and More

If you don't want to wait until Memorial Day to score some savings, plenty of solid deals are available this week. Get Google's excellent Pixel 7 for over 30% off, snag a new DJI Drone, and much more from this week's best deals.

Have you ever considered getting one of those unique bendable TVs for your living room or as a gaming monitor? If so, you'll love the discount on LG's 42-inch flexible TV. We also found the Pixel 7 nearly as cheap as the budget Pixel 7a, headphone deals, and many accessories. Check them out below.

LG 42-Inch OLED Flex Smart TV With a Blendable Screen for $1,980 ($520 Off)

Top Tech Deals: LG Flex TV, Google Pixel 7, DJI Mini 3, and More

LG OLED Flex 42-Inch TV

$1980 $2500 Save $520

Elevate your home theater or PC gaming setup with the bendable LG OLED Flex (42LX3QPUA) Smart TV. It delivers stunning visuals and runs on Alexa with AI-powered features, yet it can physically bend to deliver the best viewing angles. 

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Bendable TVs are still relatively new, and while the trend didn't go mainstream, it's still super cool. Right now, you can get LG's 42-inch OLED Flex class TV for over $500 off.

The LG Flex is a stunning 4K OLED TV perfect for gaming or movie nights and is packed with your favorite streaming apps. When you want to immerse yourself or get a better viewing angle, use the flex feature to curve the screen. It's pretty wild when you see it in person.

Skullcandy Rail ANC Earbuds for $50 ($50 Off)

Top Tech Deals: LG Flex TV, Google Pixel 7, DJI Mini 3, and More

Skullcandy Rail ANC Earbuds

$50 $100 Save $50

The Skullcandy Rail earbuds deliver on features without breaking the bank. Enjoy a unique and immersive audio experience, solid bass, and 27 hours of playback, all without outside noise thanks to a sleek design and active noise cancellation. 

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Skullcandy's Rail ANC earbuds deliver mega noise cancellation and great sound in a sleek and affordable package. While $100 is already a solid price for buds packed with features, they're 50% off today.

Known for its affordable headphones and earbuds, while we loved the Skullcandy Smokin' Buds XT, the Rail ANC delivers a better experience for only a few more bucks. Grab a set for the gym or subway or to enjoy on your summer travels.

Google Pixel 7 (128GB) Smartphone for $399 ($200 Off)

Top Tech Deals: LG Flex TV, Google Pixel 7, DJI Mini 3, and More

Google Pixel 7-5G Android Phone — Unlocked Smartphone with Wide Angle Lens and 24-Hour Battery — 128GB — Obsidian

$400 $599 Save $199

The Pixel 7 offers a big boost in photo quality, plus improved battery life and AI-enabled features. It's the latest in Google excellence, and it starts at just $600.

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Seeing Google's excellent Pixel 7a floating around this price was a good deal, but getting last year's flagship Pixel 7 for the same price is an absolute steal.

An affordable new Pixel 8a is likely coming soon, then a Pixel 9 later this year, but the Pixel 7 already runs the latest version of Android and is an excellent phone at this price.

DJI Mini 3 (DJIRC) Drone With Display Controller for $549 ($60 Off)—Best Price Yet!

Top Tech Deals: LG Flex TV, Google Pixel 7, DJI Mini 3, and More

DJI Mini 3 — Lightweight and Foldable Mini Camera Drone with 4K HDR Video, 38-min Flight Time, True Vertical Shooting, and Intelligent Features

$410 $469 Save $59

It's not the cheapest drone, but it's the cheapest GOOD drone. The Mini 3 really makes you question whether buying a more expensive flying camera is worth it. Just don't crash it, because there's no obstacle avoidance!

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DJI's affordable Mini 3 is an excellent drone, but many potential owners don't like using their phone as a viewing display in-flight. Instead, consider grabbing the DJIRC while it's available at the lowest price yet.

In fact, both the base model DJI Mini 3 and the Mini 3 RC are on sale. Enjoy obstacle avoidance on a small, lightweight, portable drone that'll deliver hours of fun and stunning photos or videos.

Ring Battery Doorbell Plus for $120 ($30 Off)

Top Tech Deals: LG Flex TV, Google Pixel 7, DJI Mini 3, and More

Ring Doorbell Plus (Battery)

$120 $150 Save $30

The Ring Battery Doorbell is now even better. The latest Plus model features a wider field of view, and you'll never miss when someone's at your door, so you can rest assured when you're home or out.

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If you still haven't bought a video security doorbell for your home, what are you waiting for? If you're looking for a good price on an excellent model, consider the Ring Battery Doorbell Plus while it's on sale.

Keep tabs on your home and front door with motion detection, instant alerts, two-way talk, night vision, and more. The Ring Doorbell Plus has a longer battery life and wider field of view than the original. Get one and enjoy peace of mind.

More Tech Deals

Top Tech Deals: LG Flex TV, Google Pixel 7, DJI Mini 3, and More

That wasn't all we found. After rummaging through the interwebs, we spotted countless deals on tech that you might want to explore as the year continues. Some of those include the Fitbit Versa 4, Amazon's Echo Dot bundled with a Kasa smart bulb, and much much more.

  • Fitbit Versa 4 Fitness Smartwatch | $150 ($50 Off)
  • Echo Dot 5th Gen with Kasa Smart Light Bulb | $50 ($23 Off)
  • Samsung Galaxy S24+ with 256GB Storage | $850 ($150 Off)
  • TopMate Ultra Slim Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo | $28 ($5 Off)
  • iPhone 13 Pro Max 128GB (Renewed) Carrier Unlocked | $491 ($308 Off)
  • OLIXIS Portable Countertop Ice Maker | $65 ($12 Off)
  • 3-in-1 iPhone/Watch Dock and Charger | $12 ($31 Off)

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