Verizon Will Pay for Your Disney Bundle Subscription

You just need to join an unlimited data plan, that’s all.

Verizon Will Pay for Your Disney Bundle Subscription

Verizon is offering six-month Disney Bundle subscriptions to customers who join the Unlimited Plus or Unlimited Ultimate cellular plans. After the six-month freebie ends, customers can continue enjoying the Disney Bundle for just $10 a month—33% off the normal price.

The Disney Bundle is the best way to save money on Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+. These services, when individually purchased, cost at least $27 a month. Compare that to the Disney Bundle, which costs as little as $14.99, and you've got yourself a killer deal.

Verizon's promotional offer makes the Disney Bundle even more affordable. Eligible customers get six months of Disney+ (ad-free), Hulu, and ESPN+ for free. To claim this offer, simply join or upgrade to Verizon's Unlimited Plus or Unlimited Ultimate plan.

The Verizon Unlimited Plus plan costs $45 per line (with four lines), while the Unlimited Ultimate plan is $55 a line (again, with four lines). Both plans include unlimited data, 5G UWB access, and an optional $25 home internet service add-on. Unlimited Plus also gets you 30GB of monthly high-speed hotspot data and 50% off a new device, while Unlimited Ultimate gets 60GB of hotspot data and a pair of 50% off coupons.

Verizon also offers some add-on perks for these cellular plans. These perks cost $10 a month, but they cover popular services like Walmart+ and Apple Music Family.

Once your six-month Disney Bundle promo membership ends, Verizon will offer you a discounted $10 Disney Bundle subscription. That's less than you'd pay for ESPN+ on its own! An ongoing Disney Bundle subscription is totally optional, of course.

Unfortunately, this offer is only available to new and upgrading subscribers. If you're already on the Unlimited Plus or Unlimited Ultimate plan, you can't get six months of free Disney Bundle access, though you can secure the service for $10 a month as an add-on perk.

There are two things left to note. First, the Disney Bundle is currently the only way of accessing the combined Disney+ and Hulu app. And, more importantly, the Hulu and ESPN+ memberships in this bundle are ad-supported. Only the Disney+ membership is ad-free.

You can join Verizon's Unlimited Plus or Unlimited Ultimate plan from the Verizon website. These aren't the cheapest cellular plans, but hey, you'll save nearly $200 on the Disney Bundle after your first year.

Source: Verizon

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