Yale’s Newest Smart Locks Are Easy to Install (And Renter-Friendly)

No need to work through the whole door.

Yale's Newest Smart Locks Are Easy to Install (And Renter-Friendly)

Even though smart locks can be great, they usually require swapping out your existing door lock for your new smart lock. That's not always an easy option, especially if you rent your home and can't make those types of modifications. Yale's newest smart locks are here, and they're just the latest members in a long line of convenient smart products that might just be what you need if you can't replace your existing door lock.

Yale has just launched a new smart lock, the Yale Approach Lock with Wi-Fi, and a companion product for it, the Yale Keypad. What's nice about this lock is that, instead of requiring you to actually swap out the lock on your door, this is a "complimentary" secondary lock that's installed on top of your existing lock. The lock is an interior-only smart lock that's installed with just a screwdriver, can be retrofitted on the back of most standard deadbolts, and more importantly, doesn't need a new set of keys. This last part makes it useful if you're renting, as you're not removing the lock your landlord still has keys to. It's not the first product that does this, and not even Yale's first time putting out something like this, but it can be a useful addition to your home if you can't/don't want to replace your old lock.

Yale's Newest Smart Locks Are Easy to Install (And Renter-Friendly)

The lock itself is installed facing the interior of your house, while the keypad is installed on the outside. The keypad allows you to lock or unlock your door by typing in a passcode, and it's compatible not only with the new Yale Approach Lock but also with other Yale-made locks out there. Yale is marketing this as a simple, retrofit solution for when you need some extra modern security in your home, regardless of whether that old lock can actually be swapped out or not.

The Yale Approach can be bought for $129.99, while the Keypad costs $69.99. Both can be bought as a bundle for $179.99, which is probably the best deal. Make sure to check out Yale's website to know more.

Source: Yale

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