You Need a Laptop Docking Station, and Anker Has Some on Sale

A laptop docking station is something you may not think you need, but you do. Grab one while it’s on sale!

You Need a Laptop Docking Station, and Anker Has Some on Sale

Don't have a laptop docking station? Don't miss out anymore, and pick up one from Anker now.

Laptop docking stations are, honestly, pretty cool. They sort of seem like something you don't need, but if you're looking to do anything productive on your laptop, they can be a lifesaver. A good docking station provides extra ports, so you hook your laptop up to monitors and peripherals that can make working a lot more comfortable. The best laptop docking stations take it a step further by also keeping your laptop charged or other helpful little extras. In short, once you have a docking station, you won't want to go without again.

If you're looking to get yourself a docking station, or upgrading an old one, you're in luck. Anker currently has a wide selection of docking stations on sale at both Amazon and the company's store page. This company is well-known for its quality but budget-priced charging accessories, and these docks are no exception.

The star of this sale is the Anker 675 USB-C Docking Station. This dock is our pick for the best laptop dock for MacBooks, but it'll work great with Windows laptops, as well. With the 675, you'll get a docking station that doubles as a monitor or laptop stand, which will let you sit more comfortably while working (instead of hunched over trying to read a screen). It also comes with a wireless charging pad built in, so you can easily charge your smartphone, and the dock's design allows you to slip small items you're not using under it, keeping your workstation tidy.

You can save $30 on this dock now, bringing the total down to $169.99. If you're buying it from Anker's site, make sure the code WSPE5GMRIF applies at checkout!

You Need a Laptop Docking Station, and Anker Has Some on Sale

You Need a Laptop Docking Station, and Anker Has Some on Sale

Anker 675 USB-C Docking Station (12-in-1, Monitor Stand, Wireless)

$169.99 $199.99 Save $30

Anker’s 12-in-1 675 USB-C Docking Station doubles as a monitor stand, and offers a huge variety of connectivity options. Use code WSPE5GMRIF at checkout to get this dock for $169.99!

$169.99 at anker$169.99 at Amazon

All that said, the 675 is on the pricier side of laptop docking stations, and you may not need so many bells and whistles, especially when traveling. In that case, the Anker 547 USB-C Docking Station is well worth a look. This docking station is created to plug flush into your MacBook, lowering its footprint significantly compared to bigger docks like the 675. This 7-in-1 dock will also have all the basic ports you'll need, so if you just need extra ports and nothing else, this is the docking station for you.

While the Anker 547 is already low-priced at $34.99, you can save five more dollars by clipping the coupon on the Amazon page, or using code WSCPCVVDKZ on Anker's store page. $29.99 for a simple but solid MacBook docking station is a price you can't argue with!

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