7 Audible Original podcasts being made into Prime Video shows

Amazon has announced that popular podcasts will be remade — for Prime Video. Here are seven of these new podcast-based shows we can’t wait to watch.

7 Audible Original podcasts being made into Prime Video shows

Key Takeaways

  • Audible Original podcasts are being remade into TV shows for Amazon Prime Video.
  • Some successful podcasts like The Prophecy and Nut Jobs are getting TV adaptations.
  • Breakthrough, a singing competition podcast featuring Sara Bareilles and Kelly Rowland, will become a reality show.

It's fair to say that podcasts have exploded in recent years. What was once quite a niche medium has become hugely popular, with big stars hosting their own podcasts, and the number of podcasts growing exponentially.

Audible is a best known for its audiobooks but has one foot firmly in the world of podcasts, too, with a collection of Audible Original podcasts that feature big names and hugely successful writers.

Some of these podcasts have become so successful that Amazon (which owns Audible) has announced that it will be remaking some of the biggest Audible podcasts into TV shows that will be streamed on Amazon Prime. We take a look at some of the Audible podcasts that could soon be coming to Prime Video.

7 Audible Original podcasts being made into Prime Video shows

1 The Prophecy

Supernatural thrills with an all-star cast

The Prophecy

Genre Supernatural thriller Studio Amazon MGM/ABC Signature Creator Randy McKinnon Format 30-minute series

The Prophecy podcast is a supernatural thriller with a stunning voice cast that includes Kerry Washington, Laurence Fishburne, Daniel Dae Kim, and Asa Butterfield from the Netflix smash Sex Education.

Washington's character Virginia sees a recent spate of unexplained natural disasters as signs that she is the Virgin Mary and goes to Fishburne's government agent character to inform him that not only does she believe she is Mary, but she is also pregnant. Unless he helps her, then the spate of disasters will only get worse.

There's no information as yet as to who will be cast in the live-action remake, but there's a ready-made line up of stars ready to reprise their roles.

7 Audible Original podcasts being made into Prime Video shows

2 Nut Jobs

Sometimes fact is weirder than fiction

7 Audible Original podcasts being made into Prime Video shows

Nut Jobs

Genre Drama Studio MGM Television Creator Aaron Korsh and Rick Muirragi Format One-hour series

Nut Jobs is a true crime podcast that tells the tale of a $10 million heist that involved the theft of huge quantities of… nuts. Over the course of several months, entire truckloads of nuts disappeared. As bizarre as it sounds, the Nut Jobs podcast unravels a story involving crime cartels and stolen identities, with a journey that begins in California but expands as far as space.

The Podcast has won multiple awards and will be reimagined as a one-hour drama series that is likely to be as nuts as it sounds.

7 Audible Original podcasts being made into Prime Video shows

3 Oracle

This is no Dawson's Creek


Genre Supernatural drama Studio Amazon MGM Studios Creator Andrew Pyper Format Hour-long series

Oracle began life on Audible as an audiobook narrated by Joshua Jackson of Dawson's Creek fame. However, Oracle 2 was released as a podcast, with Jackson being joined by other voice actors including Devon Bostick and Humberly Gonzalez. The original story follows an FBI psychic who solves crimes by touching people close to the victims. Doing so allows him to see what happened just before the victims were abducted or killed.

Oracle 2 sees Jackson's character on the hunt for a serial killer, leading to an abandoned theme park and the discovery of a terrible curse. Andrew Pyper, who wrote both the original audio book and the podcast, will be an executive producer on the live-action series. As yet, there's no news on whether Joshua Jackson will reprise his role.

7 Audible Original podcasts being made into Prime Video shows

4 Daniel X: Genesis

A sci-fi drama from the pen of James Patterson

7 Audible Original podcasts being made into Prime Video shows

Daniel X: Genesis

Genre Sci-fi drama Studio Amazon MGM Studios Creator James Patterson Format One-hour series

There are few bigger authors than James Patterson, whose books have sold nearly half a billion copies. He's responsible for some huge franchises, including the Alex Cross, Women's Murder Club, and Maximum Ride series. He's also responsible for the Daniel X series of books.

Daniel X: Genesis is a podcast based on the novels that follows the story of Daniel, a 16-year-old boy who discovers that he's now responsible for saving the world from an alien threat, and that he himself is in fact an alien with incredible powers.

The podcast includes voice acting from Michael Cimino, Abigail Breslin, and Mercedes Ruehl, but there's no information as yet as to who will star in the live-action remake.

7 Audible Original podcasts being made into Prime Video shows

5 Hot White Heist

A comedy heist with a twist

Hot White Heist

Genre Comedy Studio Amazon MGM Studios Creator John Riggi and Adam Goldman Format Half-hour series

Hot White Heist is a comedy podcast about a plan to commit an unusual type of robbery. It features Saturday Night Live's Bowen Yang as a fortune teller who is tasked with stealing something from a secret government storage facility. The title of the podcast gives a clue as to what it is he's trying to steal, which becomes a whole lot clearer when you learn that the storage facility is in fact a sperm bank archive for the entire nation.

The podcast has a stellar cast, with Yang being joined by big names such as Sex in the City's Cynthia Nixon and Alan Cumming and is written and produced by Adam Goldman. The show will be adapted into a half-hour comedy series, with Alan Cumming and Adam Goldman both on board.

7 Audible Original podcasts being made into Prime Video shows

6 Words + Music

Music docuseries with some huge names

Words + Music

Genre Music documentary Studio Amazon MGM Studios Format Docuseries

Words + Music is a little different from the other podcasts on this list. Rather than being a podcast with a specific theme or story, it's an overarching collection of podcasts made by some of the best-known musicians on the planet. Each artist offers their own unique combination of words and music on subjects close to their hearts.

For example, Beginner's Mind is a Words + Music podcast from cellist Yo-Yo Mar that mixes exclusive performances with his own personal memoir. Alice Cooper's Who I Really Am: Diary of a Vampire tells the story of how he created the rock shows that drove audiences wild mixed with his music. Other musicians who have contributed to the series include Alanis Morissette, Sting, Smokey Robinson, Rufus Wainwright, Mariah Carey, Tenacious D, and Pete Townshend. The live-action version should showcase the storytelling and musical talents of even more stars.

7 Audible Original podcasts being made into Prime Video shows

7 Breakthrough

A singing competition with a difference


Genre Singing competition Studio Amazon MGM Studios Format Unscripted reality show

Breakthrough is an unscripted singing competition podcast. Similar in concept to shows such as American Idol, breakthrough focuses not only on singing challenges, but also songwriting skills, too. It features celebrity judges Sara Bareilles and Kelly Rowland and is hosted by Daveed Diggs.

It will be interesting to see how this show translates to the big screen, since one of the USPs of the Breakthrough podcast is that as an audio-only show, singers are based solely on talent rather than what they look like. The show is slated for a series of one-hour episodes and will be executive produced by DJ and production duo, The Chainsmokers.

7 Audible Original podcasts being made into Prime Video shows


Q: When will these shows be released?

As yet, there are no dates for the release of these projects. These projects are at the early stages of development, and it could be some time before we see the shows on our screens. In the meantime, you can check out the podcasts on Audible to keep you entertained.

Q: Will Audible continue to make podcasts?

If you're worried about this announcement meaning the end to your favorite Audible Original podcasts, there's no need to panic just yet. If the project is successful, Amazon MGM Studios are likely to look for more popular podcasts that it can turn into shows, so Audible is highly like to keep producing great original podcasts for the foreseeable future.

Q: Will all of these shows be on Prime Video?

The shows are being developed by Amazon MGM Studios and the vast majority of shows created by this studio are distributed through Prime Video or by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer in movie theaters. It's highly likely that these shows will all find their home on Amazon Prime, although there is the potential to sell them to other streaming services.

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