Best smart alarm clocks 2024

Get to bed on time and wake up feeling fresh with realistic day-to-night cycles, environmental feedback, and other features.

Best smart alarm clocks 2024

Modern smart alarm clocks do more than wake you up and are packed with advanced tech features to help you get into a soothing bedtime routine and improve your sleep quality. The best smart alarm clocks have built-in displays to watch content and browse the internet and include app control and access to voice assistants like Alexa. Advanced models have lighting to mimic sunrise and sunset and AI assistants to tell personalized bedtime stories to ease you into bed.

Best smart alarm clocks 2024

At Pocket-lint, we review commonly used devices like phones, laptops, and monitors, and it's refreshing to test more niche items like smart alarm clocks because of their modern designs and impressive features. For this list, we looked at some of the best smart alarm clocks on the market from every brand to offer a comprehensive choice to suit any buyer.

Best overall smart alarm clock

Best smart alarm clocks 2024

Google Nest Hub (2nd-gen)

Bedside brilliance

$83 $100 Save $17

The Google Nest Hub (2nd-gen) has a large, seven-inch display that can stream movies and includes a radar system to track your sleep.


  • Large display
  • Works as a Bluetooth speaker
  • Sleep tracking


  • No camera could be a drawback for some
  • Sleep tracking is not as accurate as a wearable

$90 at Amazon$100 at Best Buy$83 at Walmart

Google's Nest Hub (2nd-gen) comes in chalk, charcoal, sand, and mist and stretches the definition of an alarm clock with a bright, seven-inch display and touch and gesture controls. It doesn't just display the time and weather but can also work as a Bluetooth speaker, a streaming device for Netflix and other services, and has Google Assistant compatibility to control your lighting and other smart home devices.

Best smart alarm clocks 2024

Apart from the alarm system, the Nest Hub uses Google's Soli radar system to track your sleep by monitoring the light and sound in the room and keeping track of coughing, snoring, and respiratory rates. You can then check out the report in the morning to discover your sleep patterns, find out if you are restless, and try to improve your schedule.


The Nest Hub is fairly affordable considering its capabilities and is the perfect multi-function smart alarm clock because it can stream movies and shows and track your sleep. It's easy to forgive the lack of a camera because of its strong performance in all other areas. While it's not as accurate as a proper tracker, it's great for people who are uncomfortable wearing smart alarm watches to bed.

Best premium smart alarm clock

Best smart alarm clocks 2024

Hatch Restore 2

Soothing sleep cycles

The Hatch Restore 2 has a stylish, organic look that mimics the sun and includes comforting sounds to block unwanted noise for a good night’s rest.


  • Stylish design
  • Mimics sunrise and sunset
  • Plays soothing sounds


  • Pricey
  • No sleep tracking

$200 at Amazon$200 at Walmart$200 at Best Buy

The Hatch Restore 2 might be pricey, but it's the best smart alarm clock for people who live in city apartments and want a personalized sunrise clock to help them sleep well and wake up fresh in the morning. It has a semicircular shape with Putty, Latte, or Slate fabric covering the programmable light which supports a healthy daily rhythm by automatically lighting or darkening the room at set times.

Best smart alarm clocks 2024

Yes, it displays time and includes countless alarm sounds to choose from if you want to keep things simple. Most buyers will appreciate the soothing white noise, rain, and other sounds that will help you sleep soundly and block out traffic and loud neighbors. The lack of sleep tracking might put off some buyers, but it is an advantage to those who don't want devices monitoring their every move.


The Hatch Restore 2 has an intuitive app to adjust light and sound settings, and most people will use the tactile buttons once everything's set up. Adequate sleep is the key to good health and a productive day, and the Hatch Restore 2 is worth it for people who are too stressed to fall asleep or struggle to drown out the irritating noises around them. It also looks great with a more organic and natural vibe than an in-your-face tech product.

Best value smart alarm clock

Best smart alarm clocks 2024

Amazon Echo Dot with Clock (5th Gen)

Simple and effective

$50 $60 Save $10

Amazon’s 5th-gen Echo Dot has improved sound quality and includes popular streaming services, a temperature sensor, and 20 alarms to help you get out of bed.


  • Compact
  • Excellent Alexa compatibility
  • Works as a Wi-Fi extender


  • No 3.5mm audio
  • Finicky tap controls

$50 at Amazon$50 at Best Buy$60 at Target

Amazon's 5th Gen Echo Dot comes in blue, charcoal, and white and resembles an unassuming spherical speaker with LEDs displaying the time. It's much more and includes fantastic Alexa voice integration to control its functions and your smart home devices. You can also use the large buttons or tap function to adjust the volume on the 1.75 driver for decent sound. There's a handy temperature sensor, which can be helpful if you have young kids or sensitive pets, and it can work as a Wi-Fi extender as part of an Eero mesh system.


Best smart alarm clocks 2024

As an alarm clock, the Echo Dot has a large, clear LED displaying the time, and it can also show the weather, track titles, and more. There are 20 alarm sounds to choose from, and you can even set routines to adjust your smart lighting or heating based on your movements or sounds. Streaming services like Apple Music, Spotify, and Pandora are all supported, but there's no 3.5mm audio port to connect to older smartphones and tablets.


One of the best things about the Echo Dot is that it's compact and discreet enough to fit any bedside and most decor. Its reasonable price tag is substantially less than many premium options, yet it offers a vivid LED display, smart capability, and works as a Wi-Fi extender.

Best smart alarm clock with environmental tracking

Best smart alarm clocks 2024

Philips SmartSleep Connected Sleep and Wake-Up Light

The light at the end of the tunnel

The Philips SmartSleep HF3670/60 has an unmistakable disc-like shape with built-in lighting to mimic the sun and includes breathing exercises and soothing sounds to keep you rested.


  • Mimics sunrise and sunset
  • Soothing Alarms
  • Tracks sleeping environment


  • Isn't a true sleep tracker
  • Pricey

$220 at Amazon$286 at Walmart$219.95 at Philips

The Philips SmartSleep HF3670/60 looks like a white plastic doughnut thanks to its circular shape with a hole in the middle. Its shape is handy for mimicking the sun's rising and setting to help you wake up and get to sleep, and it comes with a host of customization options. Setting the duration and light intensity is easy with the app sliders, and you can also choose between various colors, like Sunny Day, Nordic White, and Caribbean Red, to suit your preference.

Apart from lighting, the SmartSleep HF3670/60 can put you to sleep with breathing exercises or white noise. You can choose between various alarms, like ocean waves, summer birds, and other relaxing options to ease you into the day. The SmartSleep HF3670/60 also works as a conventional night light and includes an FM radio with Bluetooth speaker functionality.

Getting the right amount of sleep can do wonders for your life and improve your happiness and concentration. The SmartSleep HF3670/60 isn't cheap but can help you achieve the peaceful rest you deserve with natural wake-up and bedtime routines. It monitors the environment instead of working as a true sleep monitor but makes up for its shortcomings with a built-in smartphone charger, soothing wake-up alarms, and other handy functions.

Best smart alarm clock for innovative features

Best smart alarm clocks 2024

Loftie Alarm Clock

Less screen time, more sleep time

The Lofie smart alarm clock has a simple and easy-to-use design. It has a built-in nightlight, guided breathing, and meditation, and it can also tell custom AI-generated stories.


  • AI-generated stories and horoscope
  • Two-phase wake-up alarm
  • White noise and other ambient sounds


  • Tricky setup
  • Premium pricing

$149 at Amazon$150 at Loftie

Some people prefer conventional-looking smart alarm clocks like the Loftie on their bedside instead of distracting and bulky spheres and light discs. The Loftie fits on most bedsides and has a user-friendly design with large, tactile buttons and a built-in nightlight. It also works as a Bluetooth speaker, and it's refreshing that the app is optional, with no need to create an account or pay for a subscription to access all its features.

The point of the Loftie is to replace your smartphone as a bedside companion with calming features like breathing exercises and guided meditation instead of blue lights and stimulating apps. Another trademark feature of the Loftie is the two-phase alarm, which gently eases you out of sleep with soft sounds and then fully wakes you up later with melodic ringing or other customizable options. Where the Loftie stands out from other smart alarm clocks is its AI bedtime story function that will create custom stories based on your preferences to help get you to bed.

Many buyers are uncomfortable with gadgets tracking their sleep and want to unplug from their phones for the night. Whether the Loftie can replace your smartphone alarm is up to you, but it makes a compelling case with a simple and easy-to-use design filled with practical features like a night light, wellness content, and customized stories.

The bottom line: Which is the best smart alarm clock?

The Google Nest Hub (2nd Gen) is the best smart alarm clock because it can stream movies and videos on its massive display and has a radar system to track your sleeping pattern. The Hatch Restore 2 is the best premium option because it can bring the sunrise and sunset into your home and includes soothing sounds to put you to bed. Amazon's Echo Dot offers incredible value because it's inexpensive and offers easy Alexa access and a temperature sensor.

Best smart alarm clocks 2024

Google Nest Hub (2nd Gen)

Editor's Choice$50 $100 Save $50

$50 at Best Buy$100 at Target$50 at Walmart

How did we choose the best smart alarm clock?

We specialize in testing Apple HomeKit devices, sunglasses, and other smart home gadgets and have hands-on experience with many models listed here. Smart alarm cocks can be trickier to test than many tech devices, and we evaluated them based on features and value.

The best options have large touchscreen displays for watching content and can simulate realistic day-night cycles with their intelligent lighting. We've added various models for every price, and even the basic models have a backup battery system, so you'll never miss an alarm and include Bluetooth speaker functionality.

Value is always a critical factor because it influences most buying decisions. All our picks offer great value, with the premium models having unique functions to justify their cost and the budget-friendly options punching above their weight to deliver more for less.


Q: What is the best smart alarm clock?

Many excellent smart alarm clocks are currently available, with the Hatch Restore 2 and Loftie rated as some of the best because of their innovative features like smart lighting and AI-generated stories.

Q: Are smart alarm clocks better than phone alarms?

Yes. Most smart alarm clocks include soothing sounds and lights compared to phone alarms. There's also no worrying about the battery dying or getting distracted by a blue light that might inhibit your sleep.

Q: What are the features of a smart alarm clock?

Most smart alarm clocks have internet connectivity, app control, and voice assistant compatibility, making them easier to use. Even the basic models have Bluetooth and connect to your mobile phone to play music.

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