Everything new in Tesla’s spring update

If you’ve got a recent Tesla, there are some useful software enhancements coming your way.

Everything new in Tesla's spring update

Key Takeaways

  • Tesla's spring 2024 firmware update will include a number of interface changes and functional improvements.
  • Some of these are reserved for 2021 models or later.
  • You may need to change software settings to force the update to download as soon as possible.

An upcoming spring firmware update for Tesla owners should bring some significant changes, the automaker has announced via X. Perhaps the most important ones are headed to the owners of Model 3 and Model Y cars with AMD processors, who will see "immersive" full-screen vehicle controls whenever they're parked, as well as an improved media player with larger controls and fast access to Recents, Favorites, and Up Next. They'll also get expandable Autopilot visualizations, with a mini map in the top-right corner for trip navigation.

Everything new in Tesla's spring update

Some other changes will be exclusive to 2021 models or later. If you've got a Model S or X in that year range, you'll get more regenerative braking during highway driving — extending battery life — as well as an improved Auto Shift beta, able to shift between Drive and Reverse based on your surroundings, not just out of Park. You can configure Auto Shift by going to Vehicle settings > Pedals & Steering > Auto Shift (Beta).

Owners of a Model S, X, or upgraded 3 from 2021 onwards are getting hands-free trunk opening. Stand behind your trunk with Phone Key active and your trunk will open on its own, which should save a little effort and avoid the need to touch a hot, freezing, or messy car exterior.

Everything new in Tesla's spring update

What if I have an older Tesla?

Tesla does have some widespread (i.e. non-exclusive) enhancements planned. These include the ability to sync your Spotify queue between vehicles and other devices, and adjust the app's playback speed if you want to speed up content like podcasts and audiobooks. Rear passengers will be able to see time, temperature, and trip details at the top of rear-mounted touchscreens, and in some countries, people will be able to tap and hold on Sentry phone notifications to get a preview of alarm-triggered camera footage. Lastly, Amazon's Audible audiobook service is being added as a native media app. That's notable given that Teslas don't support Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, which limits their infotainment options if you don't want to stream over Bluetooth.

Everything new in Tesla's spring update

One of the advantages of Teslas is that the company regularly improves (or fixes) existing car features. It isn't offering a specific time window for the spring firmware, but to download updates as soon as possible, drivers should to go to Controls > Software > Software Update Preference and select Advanced. Tesla also recommends that a car be connected to Wi-Fi, although that can be a problem for people who have to park on the street or in a separate garage.

Most or all of these changes will presumably be pre-installed on Teslas starting later this year. The automaker is meanwhile reported to be working on its low-end Model 2 crossover, although that won't start production until the second half of 2025 at the earliest. It has denied claims that it's shelving the Model 2 in favor of its robotaxi project.

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