Ikea shows off its new gaming furniture for 2024

The pieces are also designed to be useful outside a gaming den.

Ikea shows off its new gaming furniture for 2024

Key Takeaways

  • Ikea's new Brännboll gaming furniture is built to be multi-purpose.
  • The lineup includes chairs, storage, decoration, and a gaming station.
  • It's shipping in September 2024, but prices have yet to be announced.

Ikea on Tuesday revealed its new Brännboll collection of gaming furniture, which it says is designed to move around your home and be useful for more than just gaming. The lineup includes 20 pieces, among them desks, chairs, and storage options, the centerpiece being a complete "gaming station" with a foldable tabletop, integrated cable management, and room for a desktop tower PC. A few of the items are more decorative, such as a rug, a throw, and a mousepad.

Ikea shows off its new gaming furniture for 2024

Chairs are a particular focus here, including an inflatable donut with a matching footstool, an upright piece with a bungie-suspended seat, and a chair on caster wheels, sporting a cushion you can unfold when you want to stretch out your legs. One of the most practical storage items is probably a rolling side table, which includes shelves and pegboards for stashing away items like controllers, headphones, or entire gaming consoles. If that's too much, there's a simple storage box that can still double as a side table.

Ikea shows off its new gaming furniture for 2024

Ikea appears to be distancing itself from rivals like Razer and Secretlab, which sell furniture that doesn't have much use beyond an office or gaming den. In fact, Ikea explicitly says that it's "moving away from the typical thematic and darker-toned aesthetics" of gaming furniture, instead veering towards "vibrant colors and elements inspired by street sports and athleisure." The Swedish firm once attempted something more conventionally dark in 2021, partnering with ASUS's Republic of Gamers brand. The Brännboll lineup is independent of any brand collaborations.

It may be reflective of overall trends in the gaming industry. Many long-time gamers are old enough to have their own families, and may now be less interested in single-purpose furniture. Among kids, the most popular games are extremely colorful ones like Roblox, Minecraft, and Fortnite, which Ikea's products seem to match aesthetically, down to the "pixellated" look of its rugs and throws.

Ikea shows off its new gaming furniture for 2024

When is the Brännboll collection shipping?

The new furniture is slated to ship sometime in September 2024, and will be available in every market that Ikea operates. The timing is likely no coincidence — being self-assembled and therefore relatively cheap, Ikea furniture is extremely popular with college students, who might want some Brännboll items to fill out their new dorms or apartments as they start the school year. That said, the company has yet to announce any prices for its latest products.

Ikea is no stranger to technology. On top of its gaming furniture, the company maintains a number of (relatively) low-cost smart home offerings, such as a Matter-compatible hub, its Trådfri lights, and various styles of smart blinds. It remains partnered with Sonos on its Symfonisk speakers, many of which double as lamps or shelves. Its most unusual product may be the Starkvind table, which features a built-in smart air purifier. Trådfri bulbs can be paired with Philips Hue smart hubs if you need to mix and match ecosystems.

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