Is it worth trying Google One? Cost & features detailed

If you’re curious about whether Google One is worth the cost, I’ve tried it and have detailed all the pricing plans and what you get with each one.

Is it worth trying Google One? Cost & features detailed

When you're thinking of the most popular cloud storage solutions, Google Drive is easily the first that comes to mind. It's extremely popular as its 15GB of free storage comes by default with your Gmail account, and it's extremely useful whether you're using Google's online office suite, or if you have an Android phone.

That being said, the free 15GB of cloud storage is often not enough, especially if you want to use Google Drive for something more than just storing a couple of backups and some Gmail attachments. Once you turn on Google Photos backup, or maybe upload a few bigger files to the Drive, the free storage space seems to disappear quite quickly.

This might mean you need to find a different storage solution, but not necessarily, as Google has a plan for you and your storage. Thanks to Google One — a cloud storage subscription service — you can quickly and easily expand your cloud storage to your heart's content, allowing you to save and store many more files than when using a free storage tier. Plus, Google even adds some more features to the program just to sweeten the deal. Here's everything you need to know about Google One.

Is it worth trying Google One? Cost & features detailed

What is Google One?

Cloud storage subscription service

Is it worth trying Google One? Cost & features detailed

Google Drive is extremely useful not only as a cloud storage solution, but it also brings together all of your Google apps, allowing them to work offline and sync well between all your devices. But, if you use quite a lot of Google services, or if you use Android-based devices, you might run out of the 15GB of free storage space you get from Google quite quickly.

Fortunately, Google has an answer to this lack of cloud storage space: Google One. It's a cloud storage subscription service which enables you to quickly expand your available storage for a monthly fee, and even expands the feature set of your Google account to include some of the most impressive new features.

Essentially, you can think of Google One as an extension of Google Drive itself. Its main function is being a subscription program for the cloud service, so you'll be using it to extend the free 15GB limit. There are, however, additional benefits, which is why Google wanted to differentiate the two services by giving them different names.

Is it worth trying Google One? Cost & features detailed

What does Google One include?

Range of benefits and perks


Speaking of benefits — let's get to them, starting with the obvious one. As the free storage tier of Google Drive is the increasingly limiting 15GB, Google one lets you expand this limit. You can choose from various options, the lowest being 100GB, while the highest reaches up to 30TB of cloud storage.

However, as I've mentioned, storage itself is not the only thing you'll get with Google One. One of the other great features of Google One — one that also concernt your storage — is family sharing. You can divide your cloud storage allotment between up to five family members, which is an awesome way of making sure your whole family has plenty of room for their own backups and files.

Other benefits include enhanced photo editing options in Google Photos. These additional Google One features are built right into Google Photos, so you see them on your phone when you're editing images, or when using Google Photos in your web browser. That's one way that Google is attempting to add value to encourage people to stick to paying for the additional storage.

Google One also includes a VPN — but that is about to change. It runs on your device to protect your connection to avoid hackers — and it's included as part of Google One. It used to be a feature available only for plans starting from 2TB and higher, but it's now included even in the lowest tier, making it really quite affordable. That being said, Google is adding it to the growing pile of killed features and ending support on 15 May 2024, so your days using the VPN are numbered. Fortunately for Pixel 7, 7 Pro, 7a, 8 and 8 Pro, this feature will stay as part of Google Pixel software, so at least if you bought a phone from the company, you'll not be missing out.

The newest feature added to Google One is its Premium AI subscription, which right now is only available on a 2TB storage tier. This allows you to gain access to the Gemini Advanced AI model when using Google services. Essentially, it's a more feature-rich, more advanced AI model than standard Gemini, and it can help you write in Google Docs, search for stuff, and do much more.

Finally, it's also worth mentioning that Google One subscription also grants you reimbursement when buying from the Google Store. This reimbursement is done in Google Store credits, and it's dependent on which storage tier you're buying. It starts at 3% reimbursement for the 200GB plan and goes up to 10% for 2TB and higher.

Google One benefit


Expanded cloud storage

Google One increases storage beyond the free 15GB, with options ranging from 100GB to 30TB.

Family sharing

It allows sharing of cloud storage allotment with up to five family members.

Enhanced photo editing

Google One provides advanced editing options in Google Photos, accessible on phones and web browsers.

VPN service

A VPN is included to protect devices, previously available for plans from 2TB, now included in all plans. It will end support on May 15, 2024, but will remain for certain Google Pixel models.

Premium AI subscription

This feature is available only on the 2TB storage tier and offers access to the advanced Gemini AI model for enhanced services in Google products.

Google Store reimbursement

Google One offers Google Store credits as reimbursement when purchasing from the Google Store, ranging from 3% to 10% based on the storage plan.

Is it worth trying Google One? Cost & features detailed

How much does Google One cost?

Tiers and pricing

Is it worth trying Google One? Cost & features detailed

So, once you've decided to expand your cloud storage with Google, you'll need to settle for a particular plan. Fortunately, the company offers a wide variety of storage options, from modest upgrades to best fit for casually backing up photos, to huge storage solutions for individuals or maybe even small businesses. Keep in mind that for some plans, Google offers both monthly and yearly billing options, and if you decide to go for the yearly billing model, you can save up to 16% compared to the monthly billing.

Whether you need just a bit more space for your photos (or just want to access other Google One benefits) or need a huge cloud storage allotment, here are Google's subscription tiers and prices:

Google One storage plan

Monthly cost

Annual cost



$2 per month

$20 per year

Opting for the annual billing can save up to 16% compared to monthly billing.


$3 per month

$30 per year

This plan also offers savings of up to 16% when billed annually compared to monthly payments.


$10 per month

$100 per year

The 2TB plan provides substantial cloud storage and saves up to 16% with annual billing.


$25 per month

Designed for those needing a larger storage capacity without the option for annual billing.


$50 per month

This tier is for extensive storage needs, such as for small businesses, without annual billing options.


$100 per month

Offers a vast amount of space ideal for significant storage requirements.


$150 per month

The highest tier provides an enormous storage capacity for extensive data needs.

Premium AI tier

$20 per month

Includes 2TB of cloud storage and access to the Gemini Advanced AI model for enhanced capabilities.


Is it worth trying Google One? Cost & features detailed

How do you sign up for Google One?

Just go to the Google One app

Is it worth trying Google One? Cost & features detailed

Signing up for Google One is extremely easy and straightforward. All you need is to be logged into your Google account. When using your phone, you simply go to the Google One app which is available on Android and iOS. From there, you choose which subscription tier interests you and, select it and follow on-screen prompts to set up payment for your membership.

If you're using a desktop, it's equally easy. You simply need to visit Google One's website and basically do the same things you'd do on your mobile — choose a membership tier that's perfect for you and set up your payment. In both cases, once you set up payment, all the benefits should be immediately accessible.

Is it worth trying Google One? Cost & features detailed

Should you try Google One?

Lower storage tiers are affordable, and you get benefits

Is it worth trying Google One? Cost & features detailed

So, seeing all the benefits that it brings about and the price of the subscription, is Google One worth it? Of course, it's difficult to give a defeinitive answer to that question, as it all depends on your needs, but I'd generally say that GOogle One is a convenient and well-priced cloud storage solution, especially if you're using Google services on a daily basis.

It has to be said that lower storage tiers are really affordable, with 100GB and 200GB giving you quite a few benefits on top of the cloud storage itself, and costing just $2 or $3 per month respectively. These will allow you to significantly expand your file storage, back up your photos from your phone using Google Photos, and generally stop worrying about saving cloud storage without breaking a bank.

There's also the Premium AI tier, which gives you access not only to 2TB of cloud storage, but also the Gemini Advanced AI model, along with integration with Google Office suite, making it a dream come true for all AI enthusiasts out there, all while being quite reasonably priced at $20/month.

That being said, if you're looking for something more substantial — namely the 5TB tier and higher — the prices start to get quite high, especially if you're thinking of keeping the subscription going for more than a few months. At that point, it's probably much more cost-effective to set up your own cloud storage solution. The upfront cost might be higher, but it'll quickly pay for itself in what it saves you on monthly subscription billings.

Is it worth trying Google One? Cost & features detailed


Q: What is Google Drive?

Let's step back a little bit and go through what Google Drive is and why you would need more than 15GB of storage there. In general, Google Drive is Google's cloud-storage service. However, saving your files online is only a fraction of what it's capable of. You need a Google account to use Google Drive and, to start, Google gives you 15GB of storage for free, so you can safely keep photos, stories, drawings, recordings, videos, anything really.

As I've mentioned, storing your files online is only a fraction of what Google Drive enables you to do. Here are other features that Google's cloud storage enables:

  • Store files: Drive starts you with 15GB of free online storage. You can store a wide range of file types and folders — even Office files.
  • Manage Google Office Suite: You can create, manage, and share documents and files between your devices using Docs, Sheets and Slides apps.
  • Access your files from anywhere: Your files in Drive can be reached from any smartphone, tablet, or computer that is connected to the same Google account.
  • Share with others: You can quickly invite others to view, download, and comment and collaborate on your files in Drive.
  • Work offline: If you aren't connected to the internet, you can make some files available offline to view and edit (see how here).
  • See old versions: You can look back as far as 30 days on most file types, making it easy to see changes and go back to previous versions.
  • Search: Drive can recognize objects in your images and text in scanned documents — just enter a keyword in the search bar.
  • Google Photos: You can store your photos in Drive and then access them and edit them with Google Photos, and even use its integrated AI editor.
  • Scan documents: The Android app lets you scan all your paper documents as PDF — just snap a photo of it.
  • Save Gmail attachments: Hover over an attachment in Gmail and look for the Drive logo to save any attachment to your Drive.
  • Drive apps: You can do everything from editing a profile photo to creating a mind map, with over 100 integrated apps.
  • Back up your Android phone: You can use Google Drive to store and automatically back up your phone.

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