Nintendo’s Indie World Showcase roundup 2024

Nintendo showed new titles and gave updates on exciting indies on the way to Switch. Here are the biggest announcements from the Indie World Showcase.

Nintendo's Indie World Showcase roundup 2024

Key Takeaways

  • Nintendo's recent Indie World Showcase unveiled a variety of new and previously announced indie games for the Switch.
  • The showcase featured over a dozen games, including Steamworld Heist 2, Yars Rising, Antonblast, Valley Peaks, TMNT Splintered Fate, and Cat Quest 3.
  • From introducing pirates, chaotic cartoon carnage, climbing frogs, and more — there's something for everyone.

Nintendo pioneered the modern version of online presentations with its Directs. Since then, it has expanded its brand to include a number of other, more specific showcases. The latest is the Indie World Showcase which just held its first ever digital event. Here, we saw a slew of new and previously announced indie titles that will be coming to the Nintendo Switch.

If you missed out on the showcase, fear not, because I scrubbed through the entire event forwards and backward to list off the biggest and best announcements.

While this first Indie World was a mere 20 minutes long, it was packed with over a dozen games to look forward to. Each game offered something completely new for the Switch audience, so odds are there was at least one game here that would be of interest to you. If you missed out on the showcase, fear not, because I scrubbed through the entire event forwards and backward to list off the biggest and best announcements.

Nintendo's Indie World Showcase roundup 2024

1 Steamworld Heist 2

Steampunk tactics galore

Steamworld Heist 2

Release Date August 8, 2024 Genre Turn-based tactics Developer Thunderful See at SteamSee at PlayStation

I have to start at the end because the biggest announcement has to be the reveal of Steamworld Heist 2. Part of the larger Steamworld universe, the Heist series focuses on 2D turn-based action where your units engage in battles against all types of robotic foes. The first was a western-themed adventure, while the sequel swaps cowboys for pirates in the new Carribea environment.

The trailer highlights that tactically bouncing your projectiles around the environment will play an even bigger role this time around. You can bounce bullets to hit otherwise impossible shots, or cause massive chain reactions. Outside of combat, you can explore a large map on your ship, recruit new crew members to fight with you, and equip tons of crazy hats.

Nintendo's Indie World Showcase roundup 2024

2 Yars Rising

Old name, new game, great look

Yars Rising

Release Date TBD Genre 2D Developer Metroidvania See at Epic Games StoreSee at SteamSee at PlayStation

Odds are most people reading this aren't either old or nerdy enough like me to remember the original Yars' Revenge for Atari, and frankly, you don't need to. What's important is that we're getting Yars Rising sometime this year from the amazing team at WayForward. It features a new protagonist, a hacker named Emi Kimura, who is hired to take down the evil QoTech corporation.

Your main mode of attack is your blaster, but a big emphasis appears to be on platforming and stealth to avoid the robotic and alien foes. Retro-inspired minigames, including a throwback to the original Yars' Revenge, will also be included in some way. As a Metroidvania, Emi will unlock various augments and biohacks that grant new abilities to explore deeper into the massive interconnected map.

Nintendo's Indie World Showcase roundup 2024

3 Antonblast

Chaotic cartoon carnage


Release Date November 12, 2024 Genre 2D platformer Developer Summitsphere See at SteamSee at Nintendo eShop

I'm ashamed to admit that Antonblast completely flew under my radar when it was first announced, but that might actually be a blessing because the trailer at the Indie World Showcase also announced that a free demo for the game is available now on Switch and Steam. Having played just a small portion, this game is just as wild and chaotic as last year's Pizza Tower in all the best ways.

It feels like playing a fever dream of an old 90s cartoon where you blast through roughly animated environments at break-neck speeds. Feeling out of control is part of the fun here. The plot, for what its worth, features Anton and his coworker Annie on a quest to smash through various worlds to steal back your Spirit collection from Satan.

Nintendo's Indie World Showcase roundup 2024

4 Valley Peaks

Climb with frogs

Valley Peaks

Release Date TBD Genre First-person platformer Developer Tub Club See at Steam

Valley Peaks was announced last year, but at the time it was only confirmed to be coming to Steam. Now, however, Switch owners can also look forward to climbing mountains and solving puzzles to set up radio towers for all the frogs living in the titular Valley Peaks. There's no release date just yet for this game, but the trailers give a great impression of the art style and mechanics of the game.

Climbing looks to be a combination of leaping, grabbing, and swinging using your tongue (which makes sense since you're a frog) to climb mountains to set up antennas. Along the way, you can meet and take on tasks from other frogs who need help while earning new items and upgrades like a glider. If you're into wholesome games, at least give this game's demo a shot.

Nintendo's Indie World Showcase roundup 2024

5 TMNT Splintered Fate

Co-op roguelike turtle action

TMNT Splintered Fate

Release Date July 2024 Genre Roguelike Developer Viacome See at Apple App Store

The only negative thing I could really say about TMNT Splintered Fate was that it was locked on mobile. That curse will soon be broken and more Turtles fans can enjoy this rogue-like adventure when it hits Switch this summer. Take control of your favorite turtle to rescue master Splinter from the Foot Clan by entering mysterious portals.

You will collect random power-ups between each room to increase your power or add new buffs, but only for that attempt. Between runs, you can purchase Artifacts that you can equip and keep from run to run. Each turtle fights with their own signature weapons, but the differences are more than cosmetic. Raphael, for example, is better at dealing crits while Donatello has a much longer range for his attacks.

Nintendo's Indie World Showcase roundup 2024

6 Cat Quest 3

The Purribean awaits!

Cat Quest 3

Release Date August 8, 2024 Genre Action RPG Developer The Gentlebros See at SteamSee at PlayStationSee at Xbox

If you're half as much a cat lover as I am, you've been impatiently waiting for the next Cat Quest game. Cat Quest 3 was announced last year as well but only dropped its release date at the Indie World Showcase and, thankfully, it isn't too far away. This time, we're taking to the high seas in the Purribean to seek out the mysterious Northern Star. Playing as your heroic feline pirate, either alone or in co-op, you're in for a lighthearted adventure full of puns and treasures.

Nintendo's Indie World Showcase roundup 2024

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