The best cyberpunk games in 2024

ere are our favorite cyberpunk games on Switch an mobile that let us live out our futuristic and dystopian dreams.

The best cyberpunk games in 2024

Sometimes it’s nice to jump into a specific genre of games, so this time we’re highlighting the best cyberpunk games on Nintendo Switch and mobile devices. It’s key to remember that cyberpunk isn’t just the gigantic game by CDProjekt Red, it’s a subgenre combining dystopian futuristic elements, sci-fi, and technology, often with blinding neon lights and some robotic body mods.

If you like specific genres of games, we can recommend some of the best farm games, indie games, bowling games, and even multiplayer games on Switch for you to add to your library.

Here are our picks for the best cyberpunk games out there… that aren’t Cyberpunk 77.

  • Signalis
  • Ghostrunner
  • Cyber Rebellion
  • Cloudpunk
  • Citizen Sleeper
  • Va 11 Hall A
  • The Red Strings Club
  • CyberCode Online

Signalis – Switch

In Signalis, you embody Elster, a technician who searches for her lost partner and wants to dream once more after waking up stranded on a strange planet. You start out on a deserted spaceship with few resources and even fewer answers.

Signalis has puzzles to work through with secrets woven between nightmare monsters. Delve into this psychological horror-turned-survival game as you explore a dystopian future where humanity reaches across the stars, for better or for worse.

The best cyberpunk games in 2024

Ghostrunner – Switch

Not a fan of survival games? Then perhaps Ghostrunner might be for you. Described as a ‘hardcore first person slasher’, Ghostrunner throws you right into the action. The setting is a giant cyberpunk area with a tower for you to ascend – the Dharma Tower, where the remnants of human society dwell, but it’s ruled over by a villain that you must vanquish.

You’re a strong fighter, armed with guns, a katana, and superb reflexes. There’s also one-hit kill mechanics here, so you can easily slay those who stand in your way. If you like fast-paced combat with a very violent nature, check this game out.

The best cyberpunk games in 2024

Cyber Rebellion – mobile

Cyber Rebellion mixes character collecting and the cyberpunk aesthetic in one neat package and is available on iOS and Android. Set in the year 2177, humanity is in its cyber era, but that doesn’t come without threats. A virus is making its way around the planet and you need to stop it and keep out the enemy.

You can collect hundreds of futuristic weapons to equip your officer with and build up a strong team of characters with different skills. Fancy giving it a shot? Check out our Cyber Rebellion tier list here and grab the new Cyber Rebellion codes for some goodies in the game.

The best cyberpunk games in 2024

Cloudpunk – Switch

Let’s slow down the pace for a second. Cloudpunk offers a neon-noir story set in Nivalis, a weary but futuristic city where you’re a delivery person for the Cloudpunk service. Don’t ask questions, get the job done, and everything will be fine.

Explore the city as you deliver totally legal and safe packages to every corner, and to all types of people – including AI, androids, and seedy humans. As you learn more about the world and its inhabitants, things start changing, and mysteries come to light.

The best cyberpunk games in 2024

Citizen Sleeper – Switch

Citizen Sleeper draws inspiration from tabletop RPGs and the freedom they offer, which brings a refreshing vibe to the genre. In the game, you’re an escaped worker living in an interstellar settlement who aims to start a new life.

You’re also a digitized human consciousness inhabiting a fake body, so there’s that. As you play, you can forge friendships of your choosing, earn money, discover the ins and outs of life in a capitalistic society, and survive til the next cycle.

There are even a few DLC episodes you can play to continue your adventure in the Citizen Sleeper world, adding new characters, locations, and stories.

The best cyberpunk games in 2024

Va-11 Hall-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action – Switch

Like our own society, in Va-11 Hall-A, corporations rule the world. Unlike our society – as far as we know – humans are infected with nanomachines that bring them down and are controlled by those in charge. In the game, though, you’re a bartender.

Here, as you sling drinks and clean cups, you hear information and learn stories about the world you’re in. There’s a branching storyline at play here, and your decisions make a difference – mostly which drinks you make. Va-11 Hall-A is a really good visual novel, and makes for an interesting and easy time.

The best cyberpunk games in 2024

The Red Strings Club – Switch

Set in a dingy bar, The Red Strings Club combines bartending, cyberpunk style, and… pottery? Essentially, a giant corporation masquerading as a good company is about to release a mind-control system, which as you can imagine, isn’t the best thing for society as a whole.

The bartender of the club, a hacker, an android, and other characters come together to try and undermine the corporation. As you mix drinks, you can pick up information from your patrons, and then create genetic implant pottery to use on the corporation’s executives.

The best cyberpunk games in 2024

CyberCode Online – mobile

Something a little different is CyberCode Online, a text-based MMORPG available on mobile devices. There’s a lot going on in this game – head into dungeons in a rogue-like crawler mode, co-op with other players to defeat bosses, or set up some AFK tasks to chip away at in the background.

You can take part in a real-time market to earn some cash in the game by trading commodities with other players and sign up to a guild to make some new friends and connections.

Well, do you feel inspired to start a futuristic adventure? Perhaps these space games might do it, or you can try something simpler with the best puzzle games on Switch and mobile.

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