Doctor Who star Golda Rosheuvel hints “door is open” for her return

Could Jocelyn be back for more?

Doctor Who star Golda Rosheuvel hints “door is open” for her return


*Warning: Spoilers for Doctor Who season 14 episode 1, Space Babies, ahead.*

With Doctor Who crash-landing back on our screens, we've begun to meet some of the incredible season 14 guest cast including Golda Rosheuvel as Jocelyn in Space Babies – but could we potentially see more of her?

Jocelyn is a former accountant who was left on-board the ship when it was abandoned. Also known as Nan-E, she's been looking after the babies for years – but has stayed hidden in the shadows for fear of them having to see something terrible happen to her.

The Doctor (Ncuti Gatwa) and Ruby Sunday (Millie Gibson) leave Jocelyn at the end of the episode, but Rosheuvel has hinted that she could be back for more.

Asked how fans would feel at the end of the episode, she told "I think they will want more of Jocelyn."

Doctor Who star Golda Rosheuvel hints “door is open” for her return

Golda Roshuevel as Jocelyn in Doctor Who BBC STUDIOS AND BAD WOLF,James Pardon

So, could she return? Rosheuvel said: "I don't know, I'm putting it out there! She doesn't die, let's just say that, but we'll see. There's a little door open."

Previously chatting about her character, Rosheuvel told us: "Oh, Jocelyn, bless her heart! She is isolated, she's been abandoned, and she basically looks after these babies that run this planet.

"There's a lot of loneliness there for her, there are difficulties, which she's got to contend with on a personal level.

"When you're confined to a space like yours, you know, that can be quite challenging. She's really loyal to these babies, she wants to protect them, [but] maybe she doesn't make the best choices because of the isolation."

Chatting about how she and the Doctor have that isolation in common, she goes on to say: "They recognise that in each other.

"He recognises that – I think that's important to say, that he sees this woman and understands where she's coming from, so can, kind of, get that kind of nurturing and positive energy into her."
Rosheuvel isn't the only starry cast member we'll see this season – get ready to also welcome the likes of Indira Varma, Jonathan Groff and more!

Doctor Who will continue on 18th May on BBC iPlayer and BBC One.

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