10 Best Lighthearted RPGs

Are you looking for an RPG that doesn’t put the weight of the world on your shoulders? Do you just want to sit back, have a few chuckles, and admire the quirky characters that inhabit each world? Then you’re in luck because the RPG genre contains some entries that are perfect for bringing up the mood on a down day and getting a pep back in your step.

These games have unique graphics, gameplay, and hours of content that will keep you satisfied before you move on to your next big adventure. From cuddly insects to not-so-scary monsters, these are the ten most light-hearted RPG games.

10 Super Mario RPG

Mario Flavored Roleplaying

10 Best Lighthearted RPGs

Platform(s) Nintendo Switch Released November 17, 2023 Developer(s) Nintendo , ArtePiazza

The combined efforts of Nintendo and Square Enix produced one of the most interesting Super Mario titles ever made. All your favorite characters are here, including Mario, Luigi, Peach, Bowser, and even original characters who make their first-ever appearance.

Everything from worlds to enemies is Mario-themed and has a unique art direction that compliments the zaniness of Nintendo's iconic characters. While the game got a remake for the Nintendo Switch, the original graphics are still something to behold.

9 Bug Fables: The Everlasting Sapling

A Successor To Paper Mario

10 Best Lighthearted RPGs




PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One


Moonsprout Games

Bug Fables is a pretty lighthearted RPG with quirky characters in a miniature world inhabited by quirky insects. On the search for a hidden treasure known as the everlasting sapling, Vi the Bee and her companions, Kabbu the Beetle and Leif the Moth, must venture across Bugaria to find it.

Bug Fables plays similarly to early Paper Mario Titles. Exploring the world will reward you with different badges you can use to alter the gameplay and character abilities. The graphics are also simple and fun to look at, making it extra cozy.

8 Undertale

Heartwarming Stories Underground

10 Best Lighthearted RPGs

Platform(s) PS4 , PS Vita , Xbox One , Switch , PC Released September 15, 2015 Developer(s) Toby Fox

As long as you spare every monster, Undertale is one of the most light-hearted indie RPGs. While the idea of monsters hunting down a human child may sound scary, most of the monsters are actually not that bad.

Some monsters want to be comedians, others just want you to pet them. Meanwhile, you are just trying to make your way back to the surface. Sparing monsters results in some really quirky interactions that are unique to each type. Undertale also has one of the most feel-good endings of all time.

7 South Park The Stick Of Truth

A Comedic RPG

10 Best Lighthearted RPGs




PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One


Obsidian Entertainment, South Park Digital Studios LLC

If there ever was an RPG that does not take itself seriously, it's South Park: The Stick Of Truth. The game makes fun of plenty of RPG tropes with magic, potions, and weapons all being something that kids would genuinely use when larping.

The game blends the comedy of South Park with its enormous cast of characters and just a bit of that childhood magic that existed before smartphones and TikTok. The game is full of references to the show that are integrated perfectly as game mechanics.

6 Dragon Quest 11

A Lighthearted Quest

10 Best Lighthearted RPGs

Platform(s) PS4 , PC , Xbox One , Switch , 3DS , Stadia Released September 4, 2018 Developer(s) Square Enix

Dragon Quest XI is everything you could want in a lighthearted RPG. It has a beautiful and distinct art style and perfects the turn-based gameplay many RPG veterans grew up with. This style of gameplay may not be the most fast-paced, but if you’re looking for a more chill and less stressful experience, it works perfectly.

Sharing that Akira Toriyama character design, each character you meet has their own short but very sweet stories that make it easy to get emotionally attached to. This makes traveling with them a lighthearted experience.

5 Cat Quest

Transform Into A Cat

10 Best Lighthearted RPGs

Platform(s) PC , iOS , Android , Nintendo Switch , PS4 Released August 8, 2017 Developer(s) The Gentlebros

If you love cats, want a cat, or simply wake up in the morning wishing you were a cat, then you’re in luck. Cat Quest lets you fill the shoes of a cat on a quest to save his sister. There is a nice open world for you to explore with a distinct 2D artsyle.

Real-time combat and a cozy atmosphere make this a game worth playing because of its lighthearted tone. It also helps that the game is Deck-verified and on Nintendo Switch, allowing you to take the game on the go or simply lay down comfortably to play.

4 Stardew Valley

The Coziest Game

10 Best Lighthearted RPGs

Platform(s) PS4 , Xbox One , Nintendo Switch , PC , iOS , Android , PS Vita Released February 26, 2016 Developer(s) ConcernedApe

Possibly the ultimate cozy game in existence, Stardew Valley takes the crown for being the most lighthearted. It’s fun to play with friends but also offers plenty to do on your own such as tending to crops, starting a romance, and exploring caves.

The characters in Stardew Valley make it worth interacting with them on a daily basis. You can unlock new dialogue and options by bringing them special items at a specific time of day. Some characters are elusive as well, having prerequisites before you can finally meet them.

3 The Pokémon Series

Meet The Friendliest Trainers

10 Best Lighthearted RPGs

Platform(s) Nintendo Switch Released November 18, 2022 Developer(s) Game Freak

Any Pokémon game will provide you with a lighthearted experience as you journey with your starter Pokémon and journey to collect all eight badges. While some games do mix up the formula and have different plots, the characters you meet along the way are all loveable.

It’s really just a game about exploration, catching new creatures, and interacting with all the NPCs in the region that make each entry unique. Minigames are also available, such as Safari Zones, Contests, and Pokémon Amie that let you do more than just battle.

2 Dave The Diver

Run A Sushi Shop

10 Best Lighthearted RPGs

Platform(s) PC Released June 28, 2023 Developer(s) Mintrocket

Dave the Diver is an absolute gem of undersea fun. You play as Dave, a man who must dive deep below water and find ingredients for his sushi shop. You’ll be doing this during the day, while at night, you tend to the shop and satisfy hungry customers.

You can upgrade your equipment, allowing you to dive deeper into the sea. There you will be able to find even more valuable ingredients and materials you need to make your sushi shop a success. You can even make special Godzilla-inspired recipes.

1 The Atelier Ryza Series

Learn To Use Alchemy

10 Best Lighthearted RPGs

Platform(s) PS4 , Switch , PC Released October 29, 2019 Developer(s) Gust

Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness And The Secret Hideout is the first game in the series of pretty lighthearted experiences. It features a unique alchemy crafting system, an open world, and a turn-based combat system. It also has plenty of characters to get to know and love.

Crafting feels like an objective rather than a tedious process to fluff up the game. You can discover new recipes and then go out into the world to find the right ingredients. This will reward you with unique new items you can use on your journey.

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