10 Forgotten Lego Games

Learn which forgotten Lego games are the best!

10 Forgotten Lego Games

Lego games are fun for the whole family. Across a multitude of different franchises, Lego has explored the world of Marvel, The Lord of the Rings, and even the world of DC superheroes. Of course, with so many games under their belt, there are always those that fall between the cracks.

In some cases, the games didn’t do as well as anticipated. In other cases, the games simply faded away with time. Regardless, many still have a cult following and have become a subject of intrigue. Let’s try to jog your memory with ten forgotten Lego games.

10 Lego Land

Your Very Own Lego Park

10 Forgotten Lego Games

Have you ever wanted to run your Lego-themed amusement park? Lego Land is an early 2000’s PC Game that lets you create, manage, and upgrade a theme park. The main objective of the game would be to pass an inspection given to you at the start of each level.

This could mean building enough attractions or even getting the park running while aliens try to abduct your rides. As you progress through the game, even more attractions will be unlocked taken from time and space, allowing you to expand the park and step up to more challenges.

9 Lego Alpha Team

Assemble Your Team

10 Forgotten Lego Games

Lego Alpha Team was a puzzle game released for both PC and Game Boy Color, and it featured a team of secret agents in their fight against the villain, Ogel. Your goal throughout each level was to hit the target at the end of a course.

While you could not control Dash directly, you could influence what direction he moved in using Lego pieces and pressure plates. As you progress, you will have to manage multiple Alpha Team members as you try to reach multiple goals per level.

8 Lego Bionicle: Legend of Mata Nui

Now You See It, Now You Don't

10 Forgotten Lego Games

Lego Bionicle had plenty of videogame tie-ins during its run, and the first and most infamous is the Lego Bionicle game for PC in 2001. This game was advertised alongside other Lego games such as Lego Land and Lego Rock Raiders.

However, Lego Bionicle would never see a release due to some game-breaking bugs that left it in an unplayable state. Despite this, the game would have trailers and demo discs included in some Bionicle sets of the time which showcased the style the game was going for.

7 Mata Nui Online Web Game

Flash Games Were Cool

10 Forgotten Lego Games

The Mata Nui Online Web game was Lego’s way of telling the first storyline of the Bionicle franchise. It is a browser-based point-and-click adventure following the six original Toa seen through the eyes of a villager named Takua.

You could explore the island, interact with various villages, and collect masks of power that were needed to defeat the evil Makuta; the game featured multiple puzzles and minigames, including RPG-like battles and puzzle-solving. Some puzzles even required you to learn the Bionicle alphabet to get the full context.

6 Lego Bionicle Quest for the Toa

Which Bionicle Game?

10 Forgotten Lego Games

Lego Bionicle Quest for the Toa was released in 2001 for the Game Boy Advance, a forgotten Lego game due to its naming convention being released only as “Lego Bionicle”, so it could easily be confused for “Bionicle” from 2003.

Quest for the Toa followed Takua as they visited each of the villages of Mata Nui. There, they would need to collect a Toa Stone and rescue a Village Elder before making their way to the next area, and each village also had its own minigames to play.

5 Lego Island

Lost At Sea

10 Forgotten Lego Games

Lego Island may be a distinct Lego game from the 90’s but it has a deeper history that often goes forgotten. Not only did it have a soundtrack that became lost deep under the ocean, but it also had sequels that never got made; the first of these canceled sequels was titled “Beneath The Phanta Sea” which would have taken the adventure underwater.

Lego Island itself has a cult following as one of the earliest 3D open-world Lego games. Many of the structures and characters were based on earlier sets released during the time, and it even has a long-forgotten TV animation

4 Lego Island 2: The Brickster's Revenge

Revisiting Lego Island

10 Forgotten Lego Games

Lego Island 2 was never as Iconic as the first game but there are multiple reasons it got lost in time; the voice acting left much to be desired, and it got rid of the open-world interaction that made it iconic. Lego Island 2 featured a slightly older Pepper Roni as he ventured off the Island of the first game.

You would explore a variety of different themed locations, from a medieval castle to an adventure-themed desert. Your main goal during your quest would be to collect the missing pages of the constructopedia and restore Lego Island’s destroyed buildings.

3 Lego Dimensions

Most Expensive Lego Game

10 Forgotten Lego Games

Lego Dimensions is possibly the most well-known forgotten game in the Lego Series; released in 2017, Lego Dimensions tried combining toys with videogames, and it brought in many franchises together such as Adventure Time, Ghostbusters, Gremlins, and even Portal. The rules were simple, scan the toy to unlock characters and levels.

However, despite the groundbreaking collaborations, Lego Dimensions failed to make bank which resulted in the game being discontinued. Despite this, the figures for the game are still considered collector's items due to many themes not having fully realized sets.

2 Lego Fun to Build

What's a Sega Pico?

10 Forgotten Lego Games

There is a reason Lego’s first official videogame is also its most obscure. It was released only in Japan for the Sega Pico, an educational videogame console that resembled a notebook much like the old Leap Frog pads of the era.

The game featured a variety of videogames that could be played using the touchpad across various themed zones, and it included elements of construction as each page contained various icons that could be interacted with. Some icons let you partially build the Lego set featured, while others would start a minigame.

1 Lego Island Xtreme Stunts

They Made A 3rd Lego Island Game?

10 Forgotten Lego Games

Lego Island Xtreme Stunts was the third official game in the Lego Island Series, and it was released on PC, PlayStation 2, and Gameboy Advance. If followed Pepper Roni as he performed various stunts for a new movie, and the missions included car chases, boat races, and doing wheelies on motorbike courses.

You could also explore the rest of the island and help the various citizens with side missions. Each mission also had rankings including gold, silver, and bronze giving some replay value.

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