AFK Journey: Honor Duel, Explained

Here’s everything you need to know about the Honor Duel battle mode in AFK Journey.

AFK Journey: Honor Duel, Explained

AFK Journey is an auto-chess style gacha game where the outcome of each battle is decided by your ability to construct teams that synergize well. Because battles play out automatically, you won't be able to influence much after you've put your team together.

The Honor Duel battle mode is the ultimate way to test your team-building and drafting skills. This optional PvP game mode has you draft a team of heroes and battle consecutive opponents. Below, we'll take a look at everything you need to know about Honor Duel in AFK Journey.

Honor Duel Battle Mode Explained

AFK Journey: Honor Duel, Explained

Honor Duel is a "fair play" PvP mode where everyone starts on the same playing field. Rather than using your own heroes, you will draft your teams from random heroes for the duration of the Duel. This means that no matter what your progress is in the game, you'll be able to fight players on an even ground in Honor Duel.

Your objective is to achieve victory nine times without losing three times.

Entering an Honor Duel costs one Duel Letter. You will get five of these every day, and you can hold a maximum of five at a time. If you want more after that, you'll need to spend Gold. You can purchase up to 30 additional Duel Letters in this way per day.

AFK Journey: Honor Duel, Explained

When you begin an Honor Duel, you'll first select your initial combo. This will give you a bundle of an Artifact, three chosen Heroes, and 60 Honor Badges. Alternatively, you can choose the random option, which will give you a random artifact, three random Heroes, and 70 Honor Badges to compensate.

The Duel Store

AFK Journey: Honor Duel, Explained

After choosing your initial setup, you'll be taken to the Duel Store. This is where you can spend your Honor Badges to buy equipment or Heroes. You'll be taken back to the Duel Store after every match.

Purchasing duplicate heroes in the Duel Store will add to their Ascension level . After buying two duplicates, the Hero will become Legendary , and after buying four more, they will become Mystic .

Equipment in Honor Duels works a little differently than elsewhere in AFK Journey. In Honor Duels, Heroes can only equip one piece of equipment. However, each piece of equipment has special effects. You can freely equip and swap your gear from the Formation menu at the Duel Store.

You can sell unwanted Heroes from the Formation menu.

The quality of items available in the Duel Store will increase as you complete matches, whether you win or lose. This is shown through the Duel Store Level at the top of the screen.

If you don't like the selection of items available, you can refresh them for three Honor Badges. You can also lock specific items so that they won't be refreshed. The store is automatically refreshed after each match.

Your Artifact gains experience by completing matches or Ascending Heroes. Each Artifact has three levels, and it will gain unique bonuses after reaching each level.

Honor Duel Matches

AFK Journey: Honor Duel, Explained

After making adjustments in the Duel Store, you'll enter a match with another player. At the start of each battle, you'll have to decide which of your Heroes to deploy, and where you want to deploy them.

However, the deployment phase is split into two parts. At first, both you and your opponent will choose three Heroes to deploy, which will then be revealed to each other. With this information in mind, you will then deploy your two remaining Heroes.

You can't adjust the position of your Heroes after deploying and revealing them. Think carefully about where you want to deploy your Heroes!

After you've both deployed your teams, the battle will begin. Battles will unfold with the full auto setting always enabled, so you can't time the use of your Heroes' Ultimates. Whether you win or lose is determined by your party's composition and positioning.

After each battle, you'll gain some Honor Badges. You can gain even more Honor Badges by using Heroes that you didn't use in previous battles . This bonus will stack, so using a Hero that you haven't used in a while is a good way to cash in on a ton of extra Badges.

You will then be sent back to the Duel Store, and the process will repeat until you've either won nine battles or lost three.

At the end of an Honor Duel Round, you'll gain Honor Points, which determines your overall score for that season of Honor Duel, which in turn determines your position on the leaderboards. You'll also gain rewards like Gems, Gold, and Invite Letters by winning Honor Duel matches within the season limit.

You don't get anything for being ranked higher on the leaderboard, other than pride!

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