AFK Journey: How To Get Acorns

Getting Acorns instead of Heroes, but you’re not sure what they do? Here’s what Acorns are and how they work!

AFK Journey: How To Get Acorns

AFK Journey has a huge selection of Heroes for players to add to their party and fight enemies. The return rate on Heroes seems to be relatively high, but with all these Heroes at your disposal, you're going to need ways to get them all powered up. In addition to leveling, AFK Journey also lets you ascend your heroes using Acorns obtained from their Gacha system.

Acorns are important for getting your Heroes ascended from the Elite+ Tier to the Supreme+ Tier. Your Acorns will correspond to different Heroes' factions. Even though they aren't as exciting as getting a new character, Acorns are important for making Heroes stronger.

What Are Acorns?

AFK Journey: How To Get Acorns

Acorns are materials that you can use to ascend your Heroes. Your characters will need a combination of Acorns and Soul Sigils in order to fully ascend them.

Ascension is one of the ways you can increase your characters' power, in addition to leveling them up. Unlike regular leveling up, Ascension is a more personal means of increasing a character's power, as it affects only one character rather than multiple characters.

Leveling works differently in AFK Journey than it does in most games in the genre. By increasing a character's level, you're actually increasing the levels of their specific slot in the party. For example, if you have Viperian in the second slot leveled to level 32, then change your party so Odie is in the second slot instead, Odie will now be level 32.

If you level every slot to the same level, all characters will show that as their level, regardless if they are in your party or not.

If you Recruit a character more than once, you gain that character's Soul Sigil, which can be put towards ascending them. Each time you ascend a character, they will move to the next ascension Tier. S-Level and Hypogean Heroes need to be ascended fewer times than A-Level Heroes.

Here is what you need to fully ascend your Heroes:

Type of Hero

Total Amount Of Resources Needed

A-Level Heroes

  • 200 Acorns
  • 63 Soul Sigils

S-Level Heroes

  • 350 Acorns
  • 7 Soul Sigils

Hypogean Heroes

  • No Acorns
  • 13 Soul Sigils

The cost for ascending characters will increase with every tier, so you'll need both more Soul Sigils and Acorns to get them fully ascended. A-Level Heroes will need to be ascended nine times, whereas S-Level and Hypogean Heroes need to be ascended seven times.

The ascension tiers are:

  • Elite+
  • Epic
  • Epic+
  • Legendary
  • Legendary+
  • Mythic
  • Mythic+
  • Supreme
  • Supreme+

How Can You Get Acorns?

AFK Journey: How To Get Acorns

You can get Acorns by sending out Recruitment Letters, the same way you obtain characters in AFK Journey. If you don't Recruit a hero, you will obtain an Acorn instead.

Which kind of Acorn you receive will be randomised each time you send out a Recruitment. Statistically, the majority of the items you receive from sending out Recruitment Letters will be Acorns.

You can send out Recruitment Letters by going to the Mystical House and clicking on the Noble Tavern. Acorns can be obtained equally in Rate Up Recruitment, All-Hero Recruitment, Epic Recruitment, and Stargaze Station.

All Acorns And What They Do

AFK Journey: How To Get Acorns

There are a total of five types of Acorns. All Acorns except the Omni-Acorn can be used to Ascend Heroes of their respective factions. You cannot use Acorns to ascend a Hero from a different one.


What It Does

Graveborn Acorn

Ascends Graveborn Heroes.

Mauler Acorn

Ascends Mauler Heroes.

Wilder Acorn

Ascends Wilder Heroes.

Lightbearer Acorn

Ascends Lightbearer Heroes.


Can be used to ascend any character from any faction.

Hypogean Heroes don't require Acorns. They only require Soul Sigils for ascension.

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