AFK Journey: How To Reroll

If at first you don’t succeed, roll, roll again. And again. And again.

AFK Journey: How To Reroll

One major appeal of AFK Journey is the expansive pool of heroes you can pull, which help you assemble a capable team of combatants to carry you through the game and its various challenges. Working together with your friends is incredibly useful as well, though sometimes luck isn't on your side.

Falling behind with less than ideal characters is frustrating. Thankfully, AFK Journey makes it easy to reroll your heroes – whether you want to stay on the same server or not. Here's how you can get the most out of your beginning draws to set yourself up for success!

How To Reroll On The Same Server

Whether you're playing with your friends on the same server or you want to keep up with the competition, you can reroll your beginning heroes by using a new email.

Essentially, this means making a new account each time to get the rolls you want, then continuing to build these heroes.

With many of us having multiple emails already, it's not hard to do. However, it can be inconvenient to remember which email has which heroes on it. Instead, there are ways to reroll without having to remember a dozen different account credentials.

You can always reroll by server hopping!

How To Reroll On A Different Server

While server hopping can often be a bit tedious, AFK Journey makes it easy. Go to Settings, then select the tab labeled Others. from there, select Character Switch. You can create a new character on a new server without having to change accounts.

When you opt to create a new character, the game will restart and you'll start a new game.

Don't worry! Your previous character isn't gone. You can switch back to them at any time.

Swapping between these characters is as easy as following these steps and selecting the character you want to play as. Starting a new game on a different server enables you to reroll those pivitol beginning heroes without having to create a whole new account.

Should You Reroll?

AFK Journey: How To Reroll

The choice to reroll is up to you. Competitive players will want to get the best possible outcomes while casual players may just want to see how things go. If you're new to AFK Journey, it's best to play for a bit before making the decision.

There's no time limit to decide. Take as long as you need to! Spend time getting familiar with the mechanics, the heroes, and how you prefer to play before deciding to start a new character and roll again.

There are dozens of servers to try your luck on, so keep trying until you have your ideal team!

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