Animal Well: Where To Find The Map

Lost your way? Here’s where to find the map and stamps in Animal Well!

Animal Well: Where To Find The Map

As you start your journey in Animal Well, you'll notice that you don't have any tools, not even the map, which you'll need to navigate this complex world. Therefore, finding the map should be your top priority.

While the map is your primary navigation tool, don't forget about the stamps. They're essential for marking locations on your map and distinguishing each area with a different stamp. If you ever find yourself lost, don't worry. This guide is here to help you locate both the map and the stamps, so you can keep track of your discoveries in each area.

Where To Find The Map

To find the map, you first need to get firecrackers. They help you get past the ghost blocking your path. So, to get the firecracker first, head to the first telephone, which acts as your save point.

From the first telephone, head left to find a d door leading to the firecrackers. To open the door, you need to click three yellow switches. So, return to the telephone area, then head right towards the ghost's location. There, you'll find a path leading to the upper switch. Click it, along with the other two switches. This will allow you to reach the firecrackers.

Once you reach the firecrackers, pick them up and continue your path. This will lead you back to the telephone area via a different path.

From here, head to the right, where the ghost is located, and use firecrackers to make it disappear. This action allows you to use a crank handle to raise a platform, leading you to a ladder. Once you climb the ladder, head to your right to enter the area where you will find a chest containing the map. Interact with it to obtain the map.

Where To Find The Stamps

Animal Well: Where To Find The Map

Getting the stamps is easier than finding the map, but you need to navigate the right path to avoid getting confused.

After finding the map, climb the ladder that leads you to the second telephone. From there, head left, where you will find three penguin statues. Then, climb the ladder, which will take you to the upper area where the eggs room is located on the left side. Enter the eggs room to find a chest containing the stamps. Interact with it to obtain the stamps.

Once you find the stamps, you can use eight different icons to mark the areas on your map. This will help you distinguish each area.

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