Another Crab’s Treasure: How To Unlock The Gun

Getting a gun in a game like Another Crab’s Treasure might make you a bit overpowered, but jeez, it’s fun.

Another Crab's Treasure: How To Unlock The Gun

Do you enjoy Soulslike games? How about one set underwater with a hermit crab protagonist? That's Another Crab's Treasure. With its story, characters, graphics, and gameplay mechanics, it's quite a charming and challenging game. However, adapting to this difficulty isn't an easy task, especially when facing hardy bosses.

But what if you just wanted to experience the story without dealing with the game's difficulty? Or perhaps you wished you had a method to overcome that infuriating boss? Well, the game has a single solution to all of this: giving Kril a gun. Perhaps giving a hermit crab a gun is the best shell one could give, isn't it?

What Does A Gun Do?

Another Crab's Treasure: How To Unlock The Gun1

When you give Kril the gun, he'll wear it as a shell. Frankly, there's one significant but crucial effect of giving him the gun, and that's the shell ability of the gun: 'Shoot'. With 'Shoot', you can instantly kill any enemy you encounter.

Of course, you shouldn't randomly shoot around. Firstly, targeting your opponent and then shooting enhances the effectiveness of the gun. Since the aiming area in the game is quite broad, you can easily single-shot kill distant enemies.

However, there are some minor exceptions. One of them is the first encounter with Inkerton in Flotsam Vale. Even if you shoot him with the gun, he won't be killed instantly and will disappear with low health.

Another Crab's Treasure: How To Unlock The Gun

Consortium, an optional boss also in Flotsam Vale, also won't be killed instantly with the gun because it has multiple parts, so you need to shoot it several times. Finally, when you shoot some crabs in The Old Ocean, they shed their exoskeletons, and you need to kill them once again.

The gun has 50 defense, making it a large shield that enemies can hardly break through. Additionally, due to its size and weight, dodging with it is extremely difficult.

If you want to complete the 'Shell Seeker' achievement, you need to try out and equip the gun among the 69 shells.

Killing a crab enemy with the gun will also unlock the 'This Kills The Crab' achievement.

How To Get A Gun

To give Kril a gun, first, open the game's Status screen. This screen displays Kril's currently equipped shell, stowaways, and adaptations. Then, navigate between tabs. As you move right through the tabs, you'll see the Junk, Skills, and Options screens. At the bottom of the Options screen, you'll find the "Settings" button.

When you open Settings, you'll find Assist Mode below Audio. Assist Mode offers various settings you can adjust to make the game easier. From here, you can toggle other settings as you wish, enhancing your gaming experience.

Another Crab's Treasure: How To Unlock The Gun

At the bottom of Assist Mode, there's a button labeled 'Recover Microplastics', and there's an option "Give Kril A Gun" above it. By toggling it and ensuring it turns blue, you can give Kril a gun.

If you die or somehow lose the gun, you can still give Kril a gun again from this screen. Alternatively, if you no longer want to have the gun, you can simply uncheck the tick mark next to Assist Mode.

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