Another Crab’s Treasure: Shell Insurance, Explained

Find a shell in Another Crab’s Treasure that you really want to keep even after dying? Insurance is the answer.

Another Crab's Treasure: Shell Insurance, Explained

Say you find a nice shell out in the world in Another Crab's Treasure, or you've purchased one that you really like for microplastics. It may not last long thanks to the shell-breaking danger out there in the ocean.

Whether it's from repeated blows, or a boss' shell-breaking specialty skill, you're liable to end up naked again, and when you die, you'll generally end up shell-less too. If you want to make sure you keep your claws on your favorite shell, whether it's for looks or for its skill, and be battle ready, you'll want to get some Shell Insurance.

What Is Shell Insurance?

Another Crab's Treasure: Shell Insurance, Explained

Shell Insurance is a mechanic that allows you pay Microplastics in order to keep a particular shell, and have it be available to you whenever you die and return to a Moon Snail Shell, even if it's been broken.

You can apply Shell Insurance to one shell at a time , and once insured, you'll see that shell pinned to your Moon Snail Shell menu.

With Shell Insurance on a shell, any time you die to a regular enemy or a boss and return to the Moon Snail Shell, whichever shell you've insured will automatically be equipped onto you once you revive.

This means you can save your favorite shell with Shell Insurance and not only bypass needing to find one if you die, but it can also save you from needing to track down another copy of a powerful shell, or one with a useful skill, like the Yoccult.

Shell Insurance only applies if you die and get the Watery Grave screen , not if you fall off a platform without a shell but respawn with lost health nearby.

How To Purchase Insurance For A Shell

Another Crab's Treasure: Shell Insurance, Explained

Shell Insurance becomes available once you have beaten Magista, Tyrant of Slacktide, and unlocked the Shellfish Desires store, located in New Carcinia.

Shellfish Desires allows you to purchase Shell Insurance for any shell you've previously unlocked, as well as buy several special shells for Microplastics.

Each shell you can insure costs a certain amount of Microplastics, with the more common or weaker shells costing as low as 200 Microplastics, while rarer or more powerful shells, such as the F Shell, can cost upwards of 3,000 Microplastics.

You can obtain the F Key shell by using the Spearfishing skill on the glowing F key on the store's keyboard sign .

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