BitLife: Master Of The Elements Challenge Guide

Water, Fire, Earth, Air — what’s next?

BitLife: Master Of The Elements Challenge Guide

BitLife presents an addictive life simulation game in which you control your character's life, make choices and shape their destiny. On top of that, one of the coolest aspects of BitLife is its weekly challenges that feature various objectives and offer valuable rewards upon completion.

Devs have just introduced an all-new weekly challenge to BitLife, called Master Of The Elements challenge. This challenge requires you to master all four elements: air, water, earth, and fire. However, like previous weekly challenges, you will need to complete a series of tasks to finish it.

How To Complete The Master Of The Elements Challenge

BitLife: Master Of The Elements Challenge Guide

To complete the Master Of The Elements Challenge, you'll need to accomplish the following tasks:

  • Be born a male in Nepal.
  • Purchase and ride a Jet Ski.
  • Purchase and fly any aircraft.
  • Become a construction worker.
  • Become a firefighter.
  • Marry your best friend.

How To Be Born A Male In Nepal

Starting as a male in Nepal in BitLife is one of the most straightforward tasks in this challenge. Start a new life, choose Nepal as your Country, and select Male as your Gender. You can choose any place to start as it doesn't matter for this task.

How To Purchase And Ride A Jet Ski And Aircraft

First, make sure you have enough money to buy vehicles like jet skis and aircraft in BitLife. Then, go to Activities to get a Boating and Pilot license, which you can find in the License section.

To buy a jet ski or aircraft, go to the Shopping section in the Activities tab and look for Specialty Vehicle Dealers. You can find them for a much cheaper price there.

After obtaining your boating license, go to the Assets tab to select your new Jet Ski from the list of vehicles. Choose the Ride option from the Jet Ski menu. Similarly, after acquiring your pilot's license, revisit the Assets tab to select your new aircraft. Choose the Fly option to complete the task.

How To Become A Construction Worker And A Firefighter

To land a job as a Construction Worker or Firefighter in BitLife, keep an eye on the Occupation tab. If you don't spot these jobs right away, try closing and reopening the BitLife app to refresh the listings. Keep doing this until you see one of these job openings, then apply for it. Stick with each job for at least a year before making a switch.

How to Marry Your Best Friend

To marry your best friend in BitLife, go to the Relationships tab, where you can see all your family and friends. Find your Best Friend on the list and try to increase your relationship with them by spending more time with them and giving them a few gifts. As your relationship gets better, you'll unlock the option to propose to them. Once they accept your proposal, the challenge will be completed.

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