Bloodborne PS5 Version Reportedly Appears On PlayStation Stars

Bloodborne is nearly a decade old and yet there's no sign of FromSoftware's iconic PS4 exclusive making its way to current-gen hardware. But that might finally be about to change.

PlayStation Stars is allegedly listing Bloodborne: The Old Hunters as a PS5 game according to one Reddit user, who attached a screenshot of the app as proof. For many, the rewards service is still down, but others have claimed to see the same tag on their own devices.

"It does appear with a PS5 tag, but once you click through it takes you to the PS4 page," one ResetEra user commented. "Just checked and yep it's PS5 here as well in the UK," wrote another.

This could be a mistake, but it could also be a slip-up ahead of an official announcement. Until Sony clarifies, we don't know. But it's the most interesting development we've had in a long time.

Reports Surfaced Earlier This Year That Bloodborne Was In The Works For PS5

While this might be nothing more than a mistake, ResetEra user Khan claimed in February that Bloodborne was "at one point in the works" for PS5 and PC, but they added that it had been "literal years" since they heard anything.

FromSoftware boss Hidetaka Miyazaki said only last month that he isn't opposed to a Bloodborne PC port . With the developer itself on board, the ball is in Sony's court.

If these claims are true, it shows that Sony at least has an interest in bringing Bloodborne to current-gen hardware. Whether that interest goes anywhere, we'll have to wait and see. But the PlayStation Stars page offers a glimmer of hope after years of waiting.

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