Botany Manor: 8 Beginner Tips

The best bits of info for the budding botanist.

Botany Manor: 8 Beginner Tips

Nature truly holds extraordinary wonders. One of these wonders is flowers. Some flowers stand out by their unique appearances, while others differentiate themselves with intriguing scents. For instance, the Titan Arum, known as the corpse flower, emits a foul odor, while the Diphylleia grayi, or skeleton flower, turns transparent when it rains.

But what if you want to bring forgotten flowers back to bloom as a retired botanist? Then Botany Manor is the game for you. However, as each flower requires different conditions to bloom, this won't be an easy adventure. You're not alone in this adventure, though. We've prepared some tips for you!

Examine Objects Carefully

Botany Manor: 8 Beginner Tips

Botany Manor occupies a vast area, making it no easy task to coax a flower into bloom. To learn the conditions for each flower to bloom, you'll need to interact with objects scattered throughout the game's different locations. Interacting with objects is straightforward: read the contents of items like letters or books, or move certain objects to different locations.

However, it's crucial to examine objects thoroughly. If you're examining a book, don't forget to check the back or subsequent pages. Conversely, inspecting the back of letters might reveal useful information.

Unexpected writings can also be found in unusual places. For example, a postcard might only have a picture on the front, or there may be nothing apparent on the front of a bottle. However, flipping objects over may unveil valuable information for later use.

Place Clues In The Relevant Sections Immediately

Botany Manor: 8 Beginner Tips

In the first chapter of the game, you might have found it pointless to place clues on the appropriate pages of the book since you were only trying to bloom the Windmill Wort. However, things change when you reach the second chapter because now you're trying to bloom both the Fulguria and the Ash Plume.

After reading or looking at the clues, you'll likely move away from them to explore other areas. The game doesn't have a feature to review information from clues you've previously checked. Therefore, if you've just examined a clue and understood which flower it pertains to, make sure to place that clue on the appropriate page of the Forgotten Flora book.

Otherwise, as clues accumulate, you may forget which clue relates to which flower, leading you to backtrack . Hence, it's a good habit to place clues on the appropriate flower's page as soon as you receive them.

Even if you forget the information from the clues, you'll know where to find it based on the clue's name on the page of the Forgotten Flora book and can refresh your memory by revisiting it.

Don't Hesitate To Look At The Map

Botany Manor: 8 Beginner Tips

Since the manor has many rooms, you might forget where you need to go at times. For instance, a clue might be in the kitchen, and you may not remember where it is. In such cases, you can refer to the layout of the rooms in your Forgotten Flora book to find the relevant section.

Additionally, each clue indicates the room where it was found. If you want to review all the information about the flower you're currently trying to bloom, first check the room names where the clues are located from the page of the flower in the book. Then, use the maps in the book to locate where you need to go.

Narrowing Down Your Focus Makes Your Job Easier

Botany Manor: 8 Beginner Tips

There may be times when you can't find clues about the flower you're working on and trying to bloom. In such cases, redirecting your focus to another flower may be more beneficial.

Trying to bloom two flowers and pondering over clues for both can be a challenging task, so narrowing down your focus to one will make your job easier. This way, you can also assign the clues you have to the relevant flower, reducing the number of clues. Fewer clues mean reaching the solution faster.

Some Clues May Not Make Sense On Their Own

Botany Manor: 8 Beginner Tips

Sometimes, you may not see any connection between the clues you encounter and the flower you're working on. In such cases, there's no need to worry; all you have to do is focus on other clues. This way, you can learn the purpose of a clue that initially seemed meaningless to you.

Botany Manor: 8 Beginner Tips

For example, when you first encounter the Dartmoor poster in the Screens Passage section, it may seem quite nonsensical. However, when you examine the item called Seed Log in the Back Terrace section, you'll learn that Ash Plume seed is found in a place called Wistman's Wood.

You'll also see on the Dartmoor Line poster that one of its stops is Wistman's Wood. In short, you should try to figure out the connection between the clues.

The Locations Of The Saucers Are Significant

Botany Manor: 8 Beginner Tips

Saucers are the trays on which you place flower pots. You'll find them in various places throughout the game. Except for the saucers on the drawer tables where you obtain flower seeds, the others are not just randomly placed items; they are very important. The reason for this is that they indicate the important places where the flower pots should be placed.

So, if there's a saucer somewhere, it means you need to place the pot there to solve part of the puzzle.

For example, in the first chapter, you might find a saucer in front of the heater. This means you should place the pot there and somehow solve the connection with the heater. If you figure out the locations of saucers and their connection with flowers in chapters of the game, this information will be quite useful to you.

The only major exception to this is the Flower Room on the ground floor. The saucers here don't serve any purpose in solving any puzzles. However, to complete the 'Flower Arranging' achievement, you need to gather all the flowers you've bloomed here.

There's No Need For Trial And Error

Botany Manor: 8 Beginner Tips

Some interactable objects may have adjustment buttons, or you might need to mix certain materials or choose the correct one among them. When doing these actions, there's no need for trial and error.

If you try this method, especially when there are many combinations, you may waste a lot of time. There is always a clue containing the information you need, and if you haven't found it, it means you missed it. Instead of trying to guess the correct combination, try to find the information you're looking for.

For example, in the first chapter, there are temperatures from 0 to 80 on the boiler, and you can increase or decrease it gradually. However, somewhere in the room where the boiler is located, it's written what the correct temperature is. This example isn't only valid for the first chapter; the situation is the same in other places where you get stuck.

Sometimes You Need To Think Outside The Box

Botany Manor: 8 Beginner Tips

Sometimes, things may not be as they seem, and you may need to use options in as many different ways as possible. Therefore, don't settle for the options given to you; try to think outside the box. This way, you'll be able to achieve the desired outcome.

Potential Spoiler: For example, in one part of the game, you'll need to use apples in a press to turn them into fertilizer. However, you'll need to know the sugar value of each apple, and you need to reach a total value of 97. In this case, instead of finding an apple with a sugar value of 97, you should crush several apples to reach this number.

In short, sometimes you may need to take complex paths for solutions.

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