Buckshot Roulette: Every Item, Explained

Playing this deadly roulette can be pretty difficult without knowing what each item does. Use this guide to learn tips about them.

Buckshot Roulette: Every Item, Explained

Some games are dangerous, and the level of it is crucial. The ultimate danger often leads to death. Russian roulette stands out as one of the most well-known deadly games. In Buckshot Roulette, you play this game against the Dealer, with both of your lives hanging by a thread.

One of the captivating features is its items. They deepen the strategy and elevate the experience to a different level. But how effectively can you use these items? Do you know what each of them does? If you want to enhance your knowledge about the items, you're in the right place.


Buckshot Roulette: Every Item, Explained

The shotgun serves as the primary instrument and the essential tool for playing roulette. One crucial thing to know about the shotgun is that it has a magazine and can be loaded with up to eight shells in total. Each loading sequence will show you the shells, with the red ones being live shells and the black ones empty.

After showing you the shells, the Dealer will load them into the shotgun, with the loading order randomized. This marks the beginning of a round.

When the shotgun is loaded, you always get the first turn to use it. If you fire a blank shell at yourself, the turn passes back to you. Firing at the Dealer with a live or empty shell passes the turn to him. Firing a live shell at yourself also passes the turn to the Dealer.

Additionally, when the shotgun is fired, it leaves up to two casings on the table. These casings can provide clues when calculating probabilities and considering possibilities. However, when a new loading is done on the shotgun, the casings from the previous loading remain on the table, which can sometimes be confusing.

When one side loses all their charges or when all the shells in the shotgun are used up, the Dealer will reload the shotgun.

General Release Of Liability

Buckshot Roulette: Every Item, Explained

Before starting the death game with the Dealer, you fill out and enter a contract where you can't write "God" or "Dealer" as your name.

Additionally, during the second turn of Round Two, you draw a bloody waiver signed by God. Pulling this item doesn't cause any harm; it doesn't reduce the number of other items you can pull. It's just an item that opens up theories about the lore of Buckshot Roulette.

Who knows, maybe God lost against the Dealer before you, or the Dealer himself might be God. It's entirely up to your interpretation.


Buckshot Roulette: Every Item, Explained

Beer is one of the most controversial items in the game. While its effects may not seem significant when used, it is crucial. By using Beer, you rack the Shotgun, allowing you to eject the shell inside without firing it.

Additionally, if there's only one shell left in the shotgun, ejecting it will prompt the Dealer to reload the shotgun, starting a new round.

The most important thing to know about Beer is that it can be a lifesaver in tough situations. There may be instances where your charges are low compared to the Dealer's, and there are many live shells in the shotgun. Since this situation is advantageous for the Dealer, using Beer to eject the shells will reduce their chance of gaining an advantage.

This will increase your survival chances as you can end the round faster and obtain new items with each round.

In another scenario, let's say there's one live and one empty shell in the shotgun. If you don't have Beer, firing at the Dealer with the live shell poses a significant risk because when it's his turn, he will fire back with a live shell. However, if you have Beer and the shotgun contains one live and one empty shell, using Beer first would be beneficial.

If the ejected shell is blank, you'll secure a definite hit on the Dealer. If the ejected shell is live, at least you won't give the Dealer an advantage, and a new round will begin. In short, strategic use of this somewhat situational item can be effective.

Each use of Beer costs 495 dollars . If you want to achieve a perfect run, you should avoid using it.

Cigarette Package

Buckshot Roulette: Every Item, Explained

This item has a straightforward effect: when used, you gain one charge. If your charges are already full, using this item doesn't increase your charge further.

Additionally, in the third round of the game, your charges become faded, meaning the defibrillator's cables are cut. In this case, using the cigarette package is futile because any damage you take becomes lethal.

Each use of the package costs 220 dollars . If you aim for a perfect run, you should refrain from using it.

If you're playing in Double or Nothing mode and have only one charge left, using this item before Expired Medicine can reduce its risk.

Hand Saw

Buckshot Roulette: Every Item, Explained

One of the most useful items in the game is the Hand Saw, which allows you to cut a portion of the shotgun's barrel, making thenext shot take two charges. Of course, for this to work, the current shell must be live. At the end of the shot, the shotgun's barrel regrows.

After using the Hand Saw, never fire at yourself, as you definitely won't want to lose two charges.

Using items like the Magnifying Glass or Burning Phone, which provide information about the type of shell in the shotgun, before using the Hand Saw is the most logical approach. This way, you ensure double damage.

Additionally, in situations where two shells are remaining in the shotgun, one live and one empty, you can use Handcuffs first. If the first shot is empty, you can guarantee extra damage by using the Hand Saw afterward.

Similarly, in a situation where there is one live and one empty shell remaining, using Beer first and ejecting the empty shell allows you to gain an advantage by using the Hand Saw.


Buckshot Roulette: Every Item, Explained

The Handcuffs are another effective item in the game that can put you in a tight spot when used against you. When used, your hands are handcuffed, and your next turn is skipped. It's worth noting that after using Handcuffs, another one cannot be used again.

Additionally, if the side who used the handcuffs fires a blank at themselves, their opponent's turn is skipped again.

Handcuffs have both offensive and defensive uses. If your charges are low, using this item or Beer to give the Dealer as few turns as possible to finish the round will be beneficial. This way, you can survive and devise new strategies after receiving new items.

On the other hand, if there is one blank and one live shell left in the shotgun, handcuff the Dealer first. Then, if you fire a blank at them, use the Hand Saw, and your next shot will take two of their charges.

Magnifying Glass

Buckshot Roulette: Every Item, Explained

The player using the Magnifying Glass cansee the type of shell inside the shotgun, whether it's live or empty. Even if you only have the Magnifying Glass, this information is invaluable as it allows you to anticipate firing blanks at yourself and live shells at the Dealer, making it a highly effective item.

However, its effectiveness increases when used as support. With the Magnifying Glass and Hand Saw combo, you can deal double damage to the Dealer. Alternatively, if you see an empty shell, you can use the Inverter to turn it into a live shell.

On the bright side, if there's one live and one empty shell left in the shotgun, using the Handcuffs first before the Magnifying Glass can prevent giving the Dealer an advantage.


Buckshot Roulette: Every Item, Explained

This item is exclusive to the 'Double or Nothing' mode. When used, it allows you to steal an item from the opponent to use it yourself immediately. The most important thing to know about Adrenaline is to first assess and contemplate the opponent's items before using it.

Otherwise, if you hesitate too much after using it, as you only have ten seconds to decide, you will lose your right to steal an item.

Having Adrenaline allows you to steal items that you can combo with your items, which can be advantageous. Additionally, if the Dealer has an item that poses a threat to you, you can steal it. Moreover, if the Dealer has Adrenaline, using your own items that could harm you or benefit them might be beneficial.

Burner Phone

Buckshot Roulette: Every Item, Explained

This item is exclusive to the 'Double or Nothing' mode. When used, it provides you with information about an upcoming turn. It tells you the type and position of a shell loaded in the chamber. For example, it might say that the second shell is live, allowing you to strategize accordingly.

The key thing to know here is that if the Burner Phone tells you, for instance, "third shell," it refers to the third shell from the moment you use it, not the one used in the third turn.

Therefore, you should base your calculations on this information. Additionally, for the Burner Phone to provide information, there must be two or more shells in the shotgun. If there's only one shell left, and you use it, you'll receive a warning message, indicating that you've wasted the item.

In short, after using the Burner Phone, you should play in a planned manner, keeping in mind the position and type of shell you know, so that you can strategically use the items that will give you an advantage in that turn.

Expired Medicine

Buckshot Roulette: Every Item, Explained

This item is exclusive to the 'Double or Nothing' mode. When used, you have a 50 percent chance of gaining two charges or losing one charge. If you only have one charge left, using this item is extremely risky.

If you don't want to leave things to chance, you should use the Cigarette Package before this to at least guarantee not dying. You should reserve this item for very difficult and desperate situations.


Buckshot Roulette: Every Item, Explained

This item is exclusive to the 'Double or Nothing' mode. It reverses the type of shell currently in the shotgun. It turns live shells into blanks and blanks into live shells. When using it blindly, you should consider the numbers. For example, if there are more blanks in the shotgun, then it will be more beneficial because you have a high chance of obtaining a live shell.

Or if there are more live shells, you can reverse them to shoot yourself and try to block the Dealer's turns by combining them with other items. This way, you can stay alive until the shotgun is reloaded and update your plan when useful items come.

Additionally, after using the Magnifying Glass, if you see a blank shell, you can swap it with the Inverter and then use the Hand Saw to advantageously use this deadly combo.

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