Content Warning: How To Recover Lost Footage

You didn’t die in vain. Here’s how to rake in the views after death.

Content Warning: How To Recover Lost Footage

Part of what makes Content Warning fun is its take on the Found Footage horror genre. Arguably, the best part of the game is getting to watch your and your friends' shenanigans unfold on SpöökTube at the end of the night. The fun is made even better if you catch your death on camera, as you're bound to have had a few memorable last words.

But with a world that's full of creatures trying to prey on you, your odds of survival are pretty slim. So what happens when you die and can't retrieve your camera? We're here with all the answers.

Types Of Lost Footage

Content Warning: How To Recover Lost Footage

Unsurprisingly, there's more than one way to lose a camera in the Old World, but this ends up working in your favor in the long run as there are also plenty of ways to recover lost footage.

Retrievable Footage

Content Warning: How To Recover Lost Footage

Sometimes, you will be lucky enough to find and retrieve your camera in working order, and in these cases, you will still be able to upload your videos to SpöökTube.

If you're attacked by a monster or trap in the Old World and you die with your camera on you, you or your allies can retrieve that footage so long as you remember where you dropped your camera.

If you're playing alone, you won't be able to retrieve your lost camera on the same day that you die. You can't take the Dive Bell to the Old World more than once per day. That means that the only way to recover your camera is to return to the scene of your death the following day.

If you die alone and can't bring your camera back to the Video Extraction Machine, you won't get any views on SpöökTube. However, the next day, if you manage to retrieve your lost camera, you can still insert it into the Video Extraction Machine and get views.

When you return the day after you die (whether playing solo or in a group) the dropped camera will not glow blue . There are no visual cues to remind you where you lost the camera, so you need to operate on memory alone.

If you're playing in a group and the person holding the camera perishes, the camera will drop at the scene of the crime. Sometimes, if the camera was recording, you'll also catch the moment the holder died on screen. This makes for excellent viewing on SpöökTube.

In the event that your ally is still alive when you lose your camera, they can search for the glowing blue video screen to find it. Cameras dropped and searched for in the same round will always glow.

So, if you're having difficulty remembering where your friend died, just look for the blue screen.

Cameras retrieved in the same round they were dropped can be uploaded like normal , and another player can continue recording on the same tape so long as there is recording time remaining.

Irretrievable Footage

Content Warning: How To Recover Lost Footage

In some cases, you won't be able to recover your dropped camera. Unfortunately, in cases where you can't retrieve or find your camera, you won't be able to upload the footage to SpöökTube. That means no views and no revenue.

Falling off the map with a camera in your hand is one way to permanently lose footage for a round. If you or an ally is thrown off of the map while holding the camera, they will fall endlessly into the infinite void, and so will their footage.

If your ally is knocked into the void, head to the Dive Bell and look at their distance. It will never stop increasing!

Cameras that were thrown off the map cannot be found and retrieved the next day, so if you're being chased towards a cliff, be careful not to get knocked over by a monster or your ally. Friendly 'fire' is fairly lethal in Content Warning, so avoid encroaching on your ally's bubble.

Getting thrown off a cliff isn't the only way that footage can become irretrievable. Sometimes, network errors or glitches in the proverbial matrix can cause file corruption on your cameras. You won't know this until you insert the camera into the Video Extraction Machine.

If you've inserted your camera into the Video Extraction Machine, there's a chance that the file will be lost. In these cases, you'll get an extraction screen for several minutes. Ultimately, the DVD will never be released, and the camera will be stuck in the machine.

When the machine eats your footage, you can't watch that footage on the TV in the player base, but you'll still receive a flat rate of views and revenue as compensation for the error.

On the first map, The Factory, the flat rate for views is 1,000k per corrupted footage file . Three days of corrupted footage will get you to the next map automatically .

How To Recover Footage With A Recovered Camera

Content Warning: How To Recover Lost Footage

Luckily, recovering footage when you are able to retrieve a camera is very simple.

If you're paying solo, you can find your dropped camera by returning to the spot you dropped it the next day. When you've successfully retrieved the camera and used the film on your new camera, you can return to base and drop both cameras into the Video Extraction Machine.

Both cameras you drop into the machine will generate views and revenue, and you can still watch the videos on SpöökTube.

If your ally retrieves your dropped camera in the same round that you dropped it, you can return the camera to the Video Extraction Machine as usual.

Videos that capture a player's death perform much better on SpöökTube. Try sacrificing yourself or your allies for more views.

How To Recover Footage Without A Camera

Content Warning: How To Recover Lost Footage

It can be more than frustrating to lose a camera and not be able to retrieve it. You worked hard for that footage, and watching it disappear into the void can feel like a crushing defeat. Especially when you return empty-handed and don't have a SpöökTube video to watch.

However, there are ways to watch that lost footage, even when you don't have a camera in your possession or when the Video Extraction Machine eats your footage.

You cannot upload footage to SpöökTube when you retrieve video with the following methods. These methods are solely for your viewing pleasure.

To find footage that was irretrievable, you can use the 'F3' key on your keyboard. Hitting 'F3' will bring up all the video files you've filmed in the game during that real-world day.

The retrieval folder essentially functions like a crash report. It will pull up your video files as if the game had crashed, and they were all lost. The files that pop up are saved files of the video camera footage. Here, you can find both individual clips and the full uninterrupted video.

The only file in these recovery folders that you really need is the second to last one listed in each folder. Each folder represents footage within a certain day, but won't be labeled coherently.

To find the full video footage from the lost camera, select the file that's labeled 'full recording'. All other files (which will have several numbers in their name) are individual clips, or, in other words, all the times you played and paused the camera recording.

These video files are all temporary, so we recommend saving the full recordings to another file folder on your computer for future viewing.

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